Monday, September 02, 2019


My shock! When told, I lack empathy! Because I put my own family FIRST? I lack empathy because I do not support one lends out their house rent? If only they have walked in my shoes then they will know where I am coming from!

I grew up in my parents home always filled with relatives and friends staying or visiting. My parents gave the best they had, yet they could not please all! At the end of the day, it is; 'we are not good!' Oh yeah? But you still want to come over to stay? To ask for financial aide?Then stay with your own family that is perfect and saints! And when my parents got into hard times? WE WERE ON OUR OWN! Nobody knew our daily struggles! And what about me? I cleaned and cooked after them all, and yet, got a bellyful of badmouthing!

YES! It hurts! Realized SOME Nigerians like to suck out all they can get from someone, just like oranges! Thus, I stayed my lane, minding my own beewax! Drinking garri when nothing in pocket! Making lemonades from the lemons life throws to me! Going on my knees when it becomes so hard!And GOD remained faithful. During my struggles in America, a blogger, who became my good dear friend gave me a shoulder to lean on until I got on my feet. When I tried to explain to Nigerians back home, how it is not easy down here, their comments made me sad.

NO! I do not lack empathy, I have learnt to be cautious, because once beaten, twice shy! And it is the same people that will laugh at you when you are down. And when you vent, they will ask 'are you the only one? Help if you want to help! Using emotional blackmail and quoting scriptures! OH! How spiritual some Nigerians are when it comes to asking for help/money! But their hearts are deceitful! 

Thinking about yourself for once, is not lack of empathy, but self-care and love.
Happy new month!

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