Monday, September 23, 2019


Sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel and say I am done! .... With blogging!
But, I keep hanging on to it because it is an avenue to voice my thoughts and rant!
Though, I know, nobody got the time to read long posts  anymore, when juicy gist are always popping up in FB, Twitter and Instagram.

To imagine over 10 years ago, blogging was the rave! Reading and commenting in many blogs then,was fun. I once said, blogging will not be the same again, after the dry-phase few years back. Only popular entertainment blogs are still thriving

Is that what I wanted to talk about when I opened my laptop this morning? NO!
I wanted to talk about greed and envy!My people! I have seen the result of being greedy and envious of people! 

You do NOT touch the money of people who laboured for it! NO,
YOU JUST DON'T! One oga at the top was disgraced and left without a word of goodbye or sendforth party! All his years of working down the drain! It all started with a voice! And the others followed! No one is untouchable! All in the name of accruing more to himself!

Envy! CHAI! I was at the receiving end of it! I did NOT know the person I was eating and playing with, was the one stabbing me behind my back with malicious gossips! That someone quarreled with her on my behalf, because the person was just tired of her lies! And, that was when I heard the whole thing! I did not confront her, but took it to prayers. She wanted me out because I did not support her work ethics. You are paid to do a job, so do it! She says I take the job too serious! I told her, because that is WHO I AM!

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