Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Hello everyone! It's been few weeks now! I have been wanting to update but have no encouragement to do so because it is quite clear many are not visiting or reading blogs ,.. scratch that ... my blog rather, talkless to comment. I know this, because I do same! 🤣 I rather click on my FB and read the trendy stuff rather than reading blogs. I feel you all o jare!🤣 But I still write, because it is my own way of relaxing.

Okay! What have been happening lately in my life and place of Work? Hmmm...nothing much! But old gossip about my former co worker that was a pain in my a** then, (do you remember her?) she eventually quit! My old colleagues jubiliated when she left! 🤣 To tell you, she was a real pain!

I strongly believe in prayers! Everyday, I see miracles and testimonies in my life. GOD is ever faithful. Indeed, He says, the battle is HIS and vengeance is HIS also. I have learnt to let HIM fight my battles for me. ALL GLORY be unto HIM.

Who wears the shoes knows were it truly hurts... but we still do not understand it, until it happens to us .... but it did not happen to me ... this time ... but to a co-worker who was fond of adding more duties on my team, until she got served herself! I told her, welcome to our team! Now, she understands how we feel!🤣 Since then, we are both good and no more additional workload. Just awesome!😁

Alright! That is all ... for now! Going back to sleep now to prepare for work later.😊

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