Sunday, June 02, 2019


A lot have happened for the past few weeks.
The sour co-worker I told you guys about in previous posts, had been fired! Her attitude really sucks and she stepped on the wrong toes! 

I wish I can talk about my experiences with my clients but I have to respect the privacy policy. But I tell you, some of them feels sooo entitled that it irks me! They make the compassion in me to grow cold! I have to keep telling myself: 'You are here to do a job, don't take it personal! Don't take your job home! YEAH! Easier said than done!🤣

The other team working in a different department is having racial issues! Nope! Not white vs black, but African Americans vs Africans! The Afican Americans  DISLIKE Africans! Which they do not bother to hide. It is so bad that, there had been verbal alteractions which made the HOD to intervene! Yes! I am suprised like you guys!

Daz all for now...happy New month everyone.

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