Monday, June 24, 2019


I lived in Nigeria for 38 years before relocating, so there are some things that Nigerians I have met in America say, that makes me give them the side eye! Some lies don't need to be told to feel important! You just DON'T! Empty vessels keep making the loudest noise!

Regardless of who you are or what you are back home, immediately you cross the 7 seas into America, you are like ever other immigrant hustling for the dollar and struggling to pay bills!

I understand the changes can have an impact on some people pysch and I always LISTEN to them when they start talking; If that is their coping mechanism, I go along with them, to help them feel better. BUT! There is a line, they should NOT cross! When they try to make themselves look better than other diasporans! There I draw the line! Abeggy, we are ALL hustling for the $$$!

I do NOT have any Nigerian friend! Yes, I have co-workets. Why? Because, I do not want drama and over-hyping and end up offending them with my bluntness! So I maintain my lane! 

Have a blessed week.

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