Monday, June 17, 2019


Social platforms have been agog with father's day awareness because it is mostly mother's day that is well celebrated. So this morning my hubby said he was not entering the kitchen in celebration of father's day, just as I did during mother's day. We laughed. And I went down memory lane; 20 years we have been together, 18 years of marriage by July, and  while in Nigeria, hubby did not go to the kitchen to cook, he could not boil ordinary indomie noodles sef! 

Living abroad for 7 years now by HIS GRACE has brought remarkable changes in our lives. For those who have read my previous old posts, I talked about the challenges in our inter-tribal and religious marriage. Those challenges have now been overcome. I thank GOD always for bringing us to America, because environment played a huge factor: No external interferences from families and friends. When we have an issue, we resolve it between ourselves. We are now more closer to each other unlike before when in Nigeria. All GLORY to GOD, because it is not by our own efforts. 

Yes,you are a good father when I wished him happy father's day. He does the school runs, attend school activities, grocery shopping, and cook for us. My cooking game is very low nowadays. My daughters  and hubby are more in charge. 

Happy father's day to every father out there. 

P.s : Started the post yesterday, but fell asleep. So I am posting it this morning @ past 3am. 

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