Wednesday, May 01, 2019


Today is worker's day in Nigeria. So, let me gist you all about the updates in my place of work. Do you guys remember my first complaint about my coworker who was making things difficult for me that I had to report to management and requested to be moved to another section? 

Well! Management employed another person to work with her. GUESS WHAT? Last month, they had a clash! In fact, the new employee gave her hot! That, she was the one that went to report to management. She went for an interview in another place, unknown to her, one of the interviewers knows someone in our place of work and asked about her. MEHN! The person downloaded this lady story finish for the interviewer. I will update you, if she gets the job or not. 

About my own team that I am the lead; Remember I had issues with the Nigerians there? Eventually things fell in place and everybody now know what is expected of them. We  have made our peace with each other EXCEPT one who is still giving a sour attitude. I simply ignored her because, she go tire! We came here to earn a paycheck and go back to our houses. Do I still trust them or want to work with them in future? NAYY! 

Daz all! Happy workers' day!😁

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