Sunday, May 19, 2019


The month of May means so much to me. It was the month we relocated abroad...making it 7 years now, all to the Glory of GOD.

It is the month we celebrate 3 birthdays in my home: Last week was my 1st son's  birthday, today is my hubby's birthday, next week is my 2nd daughter's birthday, yesterday was my 1st daughter's prom and her graduation is next week. What a blessed month! Again, all praises be to JEHOVAH!

It is in May, all issues in my place of work got resolved. Some were fired, including the sour Nigerian co-worker I talked about previously, and some quit. Now, everyone, knows their roles and get their job done! No room for nonsense!

I am indeed grateful to GOD for HIS infinite mercy. Not because I am righteous or loved most, but just by His grace. He has seen us through a lot. It had not been a bed of roses,  even roses have thorns that prickles. Some days I have cried, I have had doubts, I have  asked many questions, I have made errors ... but through it all, HE remained faithful.

Please, you all should join me to celebrate . For the bible says: Rejoice with those that rejoice... shall it be. Shalom.

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