Monday, May 06, 2019


I am no fan of PDA. To see it displayed inside church during worship in the name of keeping a United front as a couple leaves me amused. 

They had their hands  wrapped around each other, while standing, With her head resting on his chest, swinging and singing together to the beat and song... ..and her hand rubbing his chest with her eyes closed! Yes! They were directly in my line of  vision

I see couples holding hands together, wives resting their heads on their husbands shoulders, husbands caressing their wives arms in a circular motion ... which I had always IGNORED, telling myself it is none of my bee wax! But what I saw last Sunday was just too much abeg! There is a place for every thing!

As much, as I like the refreshed experience of a different church,PDA is not my thing! This is because, I see it as trying hard to validate something! To either prove to yourself or to others that you are loved or you love the person. 

I rather to be shown and showered love when alone together and by kind actions. And not all these PDA! My hubby knows this about me 

 If the world wants to show love through PDA, we should STOP the violence! And the world will be a better place.

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