Saturday, April 06, 2019


Indeed! Who laughs last, laughs best! I am laughing my guys! Eventually everything came to a conclusion when a conference was held with parties involved and found out, my 9ja people were economical with the truth! They spiced up their own version to make them look like the victims. ALAS! I was vindicated! The attitude of one of them, really sucked, which irritated the management and nailed them guilty!

New rules were implemented and more authority given to me, which astonished them! They never expected it! Imagine! Not that they were accused wrongly but angry the management found out. And they want to know who told on them! Like my people say; It is foolhardy to go looking at the back of a tortoise to see if it has an anus, because we all do, and we all shit and all our shit stinks! 

Hopefully, they will sit-up and throw their own weight around too! It is not fair when others are carrying most of the weight and they just stroll along. I do not like conflict or confrontation, I tell you, but some might not believe. Right now, we are all on a clean slate, everybody on their lane and facing front. Which suits me wella!

Okay guys,daz all....hopefully! #grinning#

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