Monday, April 01, 2019


Remember the previous post about me not liking working with some Nigerians? Read it here, if you have not. This is the update: So I eventually had a talk with them so they can change,because management is now aware and I will be held responsible for any complaints made by clients. Did it go well as planned? HELL NO! Instead they decided to go on the offence and display some attitude that left me completely amused! Even the white co-worker was amused and asked me what was all that about? I explained to her that, it is the Nigerian way of snubbing. She was amazed at my being calm with all their irritating gestures, innuendos, sarcasm and giggles! On my part, I IGNORED THEM! Silence is a wonderful tool! It cuts deeper than you think!

Their grouse? How did the management got to know, if someone did not talk? And I was like; How is that an issue?  Do you do these things or not? Were they lied against? These are the questions they should be asking themselves! NO! They were guilty as told! They were not happy their game was up! What gave them the impetus to act as if they were the victims? They spoke with someone, who decided to speak from both sides of her mouth for reasons best known to her, hence throwing the others under the bus! When I found out what happened, I kept my cool, and decided to see how this drama will unfold ... I will simply sit and watch! As long as they pull their own weight along with others, I am very good, because that is what we get paid for! When it comes to work and money, no sentiments!

This much, I talked about at a party I attended, when discussion was about work. Oh boy! The things I heard that made me laugh! A Nigerian that recruits for a company said, she does not employ Nigerians because, she got tired of the complaints! She hires other Africans. Some Nigerians believe if a Nigerian is the HOD, Manager or supervisor, they've got their back covered and is a license to do whatever they like! Some bring in the same mediocrity from their working ethics back home, not knowing there are both human and artificial eyes always watching them! 

Do I like this trend of thought or what is happening? NO! But, the bitter truth is that, it affects other Nigerians who take their work serious. You see, it is just like the common saying that goes; 'A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel! And if palm oil stains one finger, it will soil the other fingers! This is why, to proof our worth, many Nigerians work twice as hard to earn that same respect as our counterparts because we have been stereotyped! Our skin colour is not happening matters to start with, then combined that with attitude to work ? It is a recipe for not able to get a good job! I will continue to keep you 'all updated. Happy new month everyone!


  1. LOL, i've only been in the situation once where i worked with a LOT of Nigerians (and not for nothing, being and knowing Nigerians was the whole reason i got the job so i can't complain too much lol) and can attest to this mentality. Especially with the people who were new to this country. I don't think my own was as bad as what you're experiencing but there was definitely no impetus for anyone to go anywhere close to "above and beyond" at work.

    1. LadyNgo, I was surprised @ their attitude because I believed Nigerians are hardworking knowing where we are coming from and trying to make ends meet in a foreign country. If the others are doing it,then why is theirs going to be different? If they don't like it, then vamoose!🤣. Thanks for visiting.