Monday, March 25, 2019


The post title is shocking right? Since, I am a Nigerian! So I should rather say I don't like working with some Nigerians. A lady once told me that, and I quickly took on the role of Voltron to defend my fellow Nigerians (as if dem send me message!). She simply did not argue with me, but just smiled and said, 'I won't understand.' Now I do! I called her to let her know she was right. (That is the kind of person I am). She laughed, as I told her my experience...which I am about to share with you all.

We are 4 Nigerians working the same shift alternatively. I am the lead. I observed that, they do not differentiate between work and friendship. When I work with non-Nigerians, they do their jobs without sentiments and I had not found any reason to complain about their duty. But come to my own fellow 9jas..D-R-A-M-A! Thrice, I had to put my foot down! YES! We can be paddies, but when it comes to work, W-O-R-K!

YEP! They might see me as the 'bad-guy' now, but I don't care! As long as the job gets done! SHIKENAH! They come in late! Take longer breaks! Grumble when called or reminded or  asked to assist to do something! Like REALLY?? They just want to be left  alone to do whatever they like! How fair is that to others who are doing the same job at the right time huh? 

The other lady experience is more stressful than mine since she is a manager: They want to go home on time, giving one excuse or the other. Arrive late from their first job. Most annoying thing is asking for cash loans! As if they are in Nigeria! I have said it before in this blog that, you work for every dime you make! No 1 second is free! 

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