Thursday, February 28, 2019


Imagine! I wrote only one post in February! This will make it #2, if I post it eventually. After, I have bragged that I will be uploading more posts now that I use my phone in updating.😉

My reason? I dunno! Maybe because I changed my hours of shift? Or because I don't get encouraged from the lack of  comments readership. Or because I don't have any gossip juicy jist. Or blogging is just not it again? Or because, people are just tired of reading long posts? Well! Whatever the reasons that might be, I simply enjoy writing.  It is what it is!

Okay! That done with! What is new in my life? Hmm..I don't play any computer games, never got interested in them, until I found scrabble or word domination as called, by chance and I am really enjoying it! Also, I realized that I prefer working with males, rather than females because they are more understanding. Yes! I know, I am a she too! BUT Hey! That is the bitter truth. We women drama is too much o jare!

Watching Hollywood movies when I was in Nigeria, I believed what they potrayed. And many Nigerians copied some practices because they want to belong, or be a wannbe or be to seen as tush or westerned. But imagine my suprise when I observed, it ain't so! Just like I see many nollywood movies to be exxagerrated since I was 'bread and butter' in 9ja😁,  but other African viewers won't know. If I tell you guys how many questions I have answered about our movies to other Africans ehen?

Like play, like joke, I have written a long post! Make una no vex! Wishing you all a happy New month ....tomorrow! We will continue to MARCH into our blessings as ordained by GOD.
Oya, see  a big AMEN! 😊

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