Thursday, February 07, 2019


I  looked at my grey hair, wondering, if I should start dyeing it? This is because, not once, or twice or even 3x I had been asked if my baby is my grandchild? SHOIR! I never become odede ke!I am in my mid 40's!

I realized I was being stereotyped! You see, most African-American women in their 40's are already grandmothers!! I don't like the stereotyping either, but it is what it is! If you see, these grand-mothers, dem packaging na elele! Is it their hairdo abi finger nails? No try dem o! šŸ˜†

By the grace of GOD, @ the right time I will be a grand-mother, because it is a blessing. For the bible says, it is a crown to an old age, for a man to see his children-children. And children are a blessing and heritage from GOD. So shall it be.AMEN!šŸ˜

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