Sunday, January 27, 2019


Good morning oo, my  blog-family ! Don't mind me o jare! Me that said, I will be updating post yanful, yanful, like that because I use my phone now instead of logging into my computer out of laziness. HMM! It is eternal love and Ashes of love movies that kept me so occupied as if I was reading for exam fa!🤣  These Chinese love dramas kept me busy kwa! My guys, if na so love be, me I go love and live! Not dye biko as pipo they talk am!

Love is a beautiful experience. Though, I am not the romantic type (my hubby don tire for me!🤣). I like reading and watching how a man and woman fall in love, but I don't want to know the 'after-story'. Just that 'moment' that they realized they loved each other, makes me go;'Awww'😁

I also like the dramatic display of love by the hero for the heroine. Those 'moments', he will scoop her on his broad shoulders, and carry her away or swing her around to embrace her lovingly, or her back against the wall, while he gaze lovingly into her eyes😍... but biko, no tears o jare! I feel uncomfortable when men cry while displaying their love. .. that part, I do not believe!😁

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