Thursday, January 03, 2019


When I told my co-workers that yesterday was my birthday, they were like; 'Why did I come to work?' If I can work on new year day, why not on my b-day kwa?' I replied. You see, this is one of the things, I was talking about in my December post, that somethings are no biggie to me again! I did not even cook anything special on new year day sef! We eat wetin dey for house, SHIKENAH! One of the weekends, we will go out for a movie and buffet to celebrate the new year and my birthday. 

Truly, this life can be simple, if we humans don't continue to make rules that makes things difficult! 

P.s hmmm...I am liking this phone-posts oo. It helps with my blog-laziness and keeps posts short, bx ain't nobody gat time reading 'em d**n long posts!🤣


  1. Happy Belated Birthday my dear! I'm like you. I didn't do anything special for my birthday nor new years except relax. Its not every time we must be jumping up and down lol.

  2. Happy birthday in arrears to you, and happy new year to you, also. This is Atilola :)

    1. Thank you Atilola😁 Wishing you same.