Sunday, December 02, 2018


I write my thoughts in my head during the week, and when it comes to weekend, I go BLANK! It is so annoying! Also, I overthink the right words to use to make it short and interesting to read. So, today I decided to round up all my runaway thoughts!  

Somethings are now irrelevant to me, that I just laugh whenever I remember my reaction to those things and my expectations. I ask myself 'really Nitty?' Indeed, age and experience changes views and decisions. No wonder a proverb says; 'What an elderly person sees while sitting on the floor, a child cannot, even if he climbs the tallest palm tree!' 

To every pro-this, and pro-that, activist out there, please live and lets live! Some women love being married! I for one, love the institution of marriage and having a family! If you are the type that likes being single and building your career, please, by all means, go for it! Don't drag other reluctant women with you. What people say outside and behind closed doors are 2 different things! 

Christianity is refreshing to me now,I don't worry about the dos and don'ts of the church expectations. The church I attend is so relaxing and welcoming, no drama, no special songs or recitations or testimonies, no first lady or mummy or daddy-in-Christ, no special chairs or deacons or deaconess, or prophets or prophetess. Just Praise and sermon! You will not know the pastor if not pointed out. 

Some wives encourage their husbands to go out  because he is a nag, or eats too much when at home, or demands for intimacy at the wrong time or has her own under-G moves or he irritates her. But these men do not know and will be bragging that they have understandable wives who allows them to hang with the boys and give them breathing space and laugh at their married friends whose wives discourage them going out often!

Alright that is all for now. Thank you all for stopping by. Happy new month!


  1. Nitty,
    Happy month of December to you and the family...missing you. Loving you, always.
    So glad you like your church. Sounds as it should be. Also glad that you still enjoy married life and family :) Life is only as complicated as we make it.

    Blessings and hugs

    1. Hello Patrina!๐Ÿ˜ So glad to hear from you. It's being a while. Yes,I ❤ the new church I attend and the institution of marriage. It gives me stability. Indeed! Life is much simpler. We humans cause the differences.
      Blessings to you too my dear friend.๐Ÿ˜