Tuesday, November 20, 2018


It is 2 months I have been working in my new job, and I had to take 'one' for everybody that works in my unit. You see, there is this particular co-worker that nobody could work with, some will ask for transfer or just quit! I endured all her bully and condescending attitude until the last straw that broke's the camel's back! I made a complaint against her to the management and a meeting was held. The issue was resolved and she apologized. We were told to bury the hatchet and start on a clean slate. She has experience which the management wanted.

I enjoy my new career and place of work, but nursing is not a bed of roses! The first impression one gets from talks around is that nurses are making a lot of money! It is a hype! When one of our lecturers told us, there was no money as such, we did not believe her! Seeing the vacancy posts and what they are offering, I  now believe her!

It is just like any other jobs: When you work overtime or work in 2-3 places, you will make some money! BUT, many companies discourage overtime and there are 24 hours in a day, so I don't know how some people cope with 3 jobs! Meaning, they don't sleep! A guy who worked 2 jobs said, he would sneak into the toilet and sleep for few minutes. Another guy said, he did not sleep on his own bed for 2 years! He caught naps in his car between jobs. 

Thursday is thanksgiving day. Preparation is in top gear here! But I will be at work. It is past midnight now, got back from work an hour ago and had my bath. So hungry now. Lemme go and make hot tea and drink and sleep. Ok everyone, goodnight...or  is it good morning? :D

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