Sunday, October 14, 2018


Women in the yore days were seen and never heard until they were eventually given the power to be heard. Thus, many abuse that power and cry wolf when there is none! Hence, making genuine cry for help to be scrutinized first to know if it is another wolf cry or not. I do not go running towards the sound; WOLF! WOLF! Because some are out of spite and bitterness! Remember, hell hath no fury as a woman when scorned!


It is a scary time for men now. They are mindful of what they say and do! This is because a simple compliment like 'you are beautiful or you look sexy, is taken out of context! An innocent gesture of waving or touching, is misconstrued! Yet, women wants to be wooed, loved and be married! How feasible can that be in the future when a woman can cry wolf in years to come when her expectations are not met? A Nigerian man who recently relocated said; He was in the break room with his other co-workers, gisting and to stress a point, he touched the hand of a female co-worker (Nigerians will understand what I mean. It is an innocent casual gesture to let the person know they agreed with them or to get their full attention). Only for the HR to call him the next day that the lady filed a complaint against him! He was shocked! He was told to always keep his hands to himself! He did not harbor any ulterior motive. Since then, he stays on his own. Nor does he chat with anybody.

Love is growing cold because people are afraid to be called 'wolf'! We, women should tread carefully with this intoxication of power because, we might leave a trail of turmoil that will affect the genuine cries and innocent people. And before we jump into the bandwagon, take a look inside it. Also, remember, every male out there is a brother and son to a woman! So mothers and sisters,start praying and educating your sons and brothers to learn to keep their hands and words to themselves.

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  1. it is amazing. i like it so much
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  2. Hmm..
    So much is going on right now, everywhere.

    It certainly takes a lot of getting used to but everyone will be alright eventually.

    Seriously though, we still have a lot to do to do and I believe it starts from the home-front. So much emphasis was placed on raising girls right by 'our' mothers while neglecting the boys (because the world is theirs). I mean most of the genuine wolf-cries we hear / read about today wouldn't probably happen if the boys were raised right.