Saturday, August 18, 2018


I just watched actress Shan George talking about living abroad, and in her own words; 'The hustle na die!' I loved her frankness, and was not surprised by some of the comments telling her to stop discouraging others from coming over and she should return home then. I grinned because someone had one time commented like that on a post I wrote on another social platform.

You see, people like the commenter discourages others from telling it the way it is! Yes! I am living abroad and it is by HIS grace and a privilege. It was not a spontaneous thing, it took years of planning. My hubby had been registering for the visa lottery from 2001 when we got married until 2011, when we won. We had in-laws here already who sorted out our apartment, bought basic furnitures, assisted us to buy a car, and showed us how to apply for jobs and registered our kids at different schools. Then our hustle truly began! So imagine, someone coming here without any support? 

There are some things I wish to discuss in my blog about living in yankee, but I keep quiet because there is so much insult one can take. It also relates to relationships; Some people come seeking for advise and when you tell them the blunt truth, they get angry with you. When you keep quiet, they ask why? When you agree with them for sake of peace, they ask if you are trying to make them happy or patronizing? SHIOR! Wetin pesin go do? I decided that, as long as that person is not my own blood, I will tell them what they want to hear! Please it saves me a lot of trouble.

Well done! Shan George for having the courage to speak the truth. In addition, I want to say, in seeking for greener pastures, many Nigerian marriages and Christianity is a huge joke! They mock themselves NOT GOD! And who will come to give you the details on social platform huh? So you can use them as a yard stick to measure your own life? MBANU! So my people, you will continue to see the beautiful pictures , and read pleasant stories from diasporas, by the time you come over to join the hustle, then you will know how far!😀

Have a relax-ful  ( there a word like that? #shrugs#😁)  weekend!

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