Saturday, July 14, 2018


What is ya own there?
Who died and made you judge over their mata  biko?
And who told you, theirs is not built on a solid foundation?
Were you there when they were building it?

These are the questions that always comes into my mind whenever I listen to certain preachings abi teachings on marriage. Can 2 walk together unless they agreed? As long, as they both agreed to marry wetin come be our own  inside ehen?

The Nigerian Christendom believes any marriage that is not based on love or virginity, has a high tendency to fail! How they arrived at this conclusion baffles me! And the brainwashing in Christendom is on another level! Virginity anointing??😲

July 28th will be our 17 years of marriage.19 years of known each other. There had been good, bad, sweet, sour, sad and happy moments. I don't have a fairy tale marriage and I had  never pretended or lied or exaggerated to anybody otherwise.  Am I content in my marriage, ABSOLUTELY YES! Am I happy in my marriage, OH CERTAINLY YES! Was I a virgin when I married, NO MA'AM! Will my marriage keep prospering? A RE-SOUNDING YES, AND A RE-ECHOING AMEN! We will celebrate our golden anniversary by HIS Grace.And 'Olo mi song by Tosin Martins will be played😀

KILODE? HABA! Why do we women continue to be our own worst enemies and throwing each other under the bus ke? When have we seen men, use virginity to validate their existence and success-fullness in their marriage?  My goodness! I laughed so hard when a commenter said, there are certain prayers GOD answers only when prayed by virgins! OREUKA! Are we practicing paganism? 

PLEASE, my fellow men and women STOP using a hymen to validate females! It is NOT a criteria for faithfulness, fertility, happiness and blessed marriage! It is ALL by the Grace and Mercy of the Creator of Heavens and Earth .... and patience. Leave me and my GOD to talk my mata jejely. Afterall, HE said; Come let us reason together and salvation is personal .... abeg carry ya own cross!

OK! Rant over! #drops mic#.....walking off stage to find what to cook for breakfast😁


  1. There is a lot of brainwashing in modern day christianity and this is one of them. Rather than virginity being the yardstick for success in the marriage it could be the opposite. A girl may be a virgin because she is frigid and it is likely she will carry it into marriage. Once that happens sex will be nil or sporadic and you what happens when the man is not being satisfied in that department. Also women who have been with several men know how to treat men better if they want to. They have been with different personalities and in the process gets to know what men like. Thats why sometimes even prostitutes get good marriage once they change their ways and settle down especially those who went into it out of necessity rather than the desire to sleep with different women. In christianity faith has been abused a lot and it has been used for people not to question any questionable doctrines. Once you are uncomfortable with a preaching you are told your faith is weak and that keeps you off trying to question the idea or a certain form of interpretation of the bible. So yes I agree with you on this one. People's obsession with virginity is rather overhyped and misplaced.

    1. Thank you Seth for agreeing with me on this one😁

      I like this statement most; 'Once you are uncomfortable with a preaching you are told your faith is weak and that keeps you off trying to question the idea or a certain form of interpretation of the bible' You captured it well. Some use 'curses' to put fear in Christains.

      Many will not agree with my post and say because non-virgins are 'bitter. I usually laugh when I read such comment because the man they married was not a virgin and most likely will cheat on them regardless of their virginity. This I have seen. Some are still mistreated by their husbands. It is only that 'moment' the men cherished, because they know they are the first, after that, the euphoria is gone. I know of a CEO who married a virgin, yet he cheated on her with a non virgin, divorced her and married his mistress. Later divorced this mistress.

      When I say it is a man's world,and there is no equality between both sex many disagree with me. The funny part is that, the guy that brought up this topic was sleeping with someone I know. Now he wants to settle down he began talking about virginity??? I was DUMBSTRUCKED!#hypocrite!#

      Biblical definition of virginity is different from dictionary definition. Biblical says no man shall see your nakedness except your husband, talkless of touching it. But dictionary says no sexual intercourse.So some of these virgins will have oral or anal s*x, masturbate, as long as the hymen is intact, they claim virginity.

      GOD can never be mocked. We only deceive ourselves and men just wants to eat their cake and still have it!

      Take care.😊

  2. Certain prayers God answers only when prayed by virgins?? I just had a good laugh!

    1. So did I, Tamie!
      And to think it is other women that conjure such lies baffles me!