Sunday, July 22, 2018


Living abroad has made SOME ADULT Nigerians lose touch with reality back home. Many times, I disagree with the comments made by Nigerians in diaspora. There was one particular comment that pissed me off, and I was tempted to ask the person if it included her own family? But I bit my tongue hard, not to cause quarrel. Some diasporans forget they still have families in Nigeria! I understand for those who did not grow up to adulthood or were NOT  born in Nigeria, so they don't know the dynamics of the society. But not excusable for people like us, I relocated at age 38 ... now I am 44 ... 6 years in yankee and an American.

A diasporan once said Nigerian children in yankee  are more intelligent than children in Nigeria. This time, I did not keep quiet! Because intelligence is both in-born and learned! And there are different types of intelligence, being book-smart is NOT the only one. Nigerian children in yankee have more exposure to technology and resources in school compared to children in Nigeria, which I agreed on.

Let us talk about housekeeping; What is in food? Nigerian women looking for maids are lazy! These are common sayings by diasporans! LISTEN! It is much easier to run a home in yankee because of constant electricity, gadgets, affordable food stuff, good roads and flexible working shifts. So I UNDERSTAND very well when women in Nigeria complain .

Which brings me to the Pastor, his girlfriend and 4 eggs story; He took away 1 egg, she threw away the remaining 3 eggs and he slapped her! A BIG RED flag for the girl .... he is quick tempered. Also a red flag for the pastor ... she is greedy! Both of them overreacted! Why? Because of the harsh Nigeria economy! So I am on the fence on this matter. 2 wrongs cannot make a right.

What is in 4 eggs? Too much cholesterol! 2 eggs is okay for an adult. Before I left Nigeria, an egg cost #25.00 for small ones, and #30.00 for big ones. Now, I am told it is #40.00 for small ones and #50.00 for big ones. 4 eggs is #200.00. So she threw away #150.00 down the drain. That was insensitive! How many Nigerians can afford a crate of eggs in their homes that cost about  #2k? Which can be used to prepare a small pot of soup or stew? 

Please my fellow Nigerian diasporas let us be truthful to ourselves when discussing on issues back home. It is a privilege to be living abroad. GOD bless America.
Have a blessed week ahead.

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