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Monday, June 11, 2018


...SO! I kinda of freaked out when blogger did not allow me to update because I was yet to customize my blog due to some new changes in blogspot...So you like the new layout qui? 😀

  The first thought that came into my head while opening my laptop was; Do I still get visitors to my blog? I decided to check my statistics....hmmm....not bad but not exhilarating either! I seldom visit other blogs too, not because I don't want to, but so much is happening in my life right now, that any spare hours I get ... I sleep! Ever since my blood pressure shot up and the doctor strongly advised me to always rest, I do! I am at home today, so I have plenty time to sleep later ... YAY ME!, So, I understand wella if I don't have much visitors. I can't believe I have not even visited my fav entertainment blog for several m-o-n-t-h-s!!!😲

  HEY! It will not discourage me from updating from now and then and paying for my blog-domain yearly, because it is one of my pleasures. My hubby introduced me to blogging .... my first post was October 4th 2009.  It had been a good, bad and exciting experience. I have made both friends and foes and learnt a lot.

   Facebook and blogger are the only 2 social platform I visit. Yes, they are old school, but sturdy and durable like antique furnitures. HMMM, talking about furnitures .... that is a story for another day ... this DIY stuff with screws and bolts, so pisses me off EHEN! WHY CAN'T THEY USE NAILS AND GLUES!!! I threw away the new computer table we bought because we did a bad job, and it got 'screwed'! Please forgive my french and rhyme.😁

Ook, guys! Daz all for today. Thank you for taking time out to visit. 

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