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Thursday, April 12, 2018


It's 2.58 am, woke up early, and decided to say hello to you all.

How has it been going?

Nothing much on my side.

FB is my fav place of visit now when I want to relax. 

I don't know what to believe again in social media!

Sometimes I cry when I read about so much violence.

Sometimes I laugh so hard at some jokes and comments.

Such is life! SIGH!

I am waiting to watch the black panther on Netflix, just as I wait for any new movie, though my kids and hubby have already watched it at the cinema, I was sleeping that day because of my night shift. GOSH! I DON'T LIKE NIGHT SHIFTS! It messes one's sleep pattern and activities. I can't wait to start day shifts! 

GOD is so good to me....I don't know why ... because I have so many flaws.

Sometimes I want to gloat over a situation when I feel vindicated, but I restrain myself because of the fear of GOD'S words that says, we should not rejoice when HE visits HIS vengeance over those who persecuted you, so that HE will not turn HIS wrath back to you! Sometimes it is difficult, but I try and smirk a little ... LORD forgive me! I am only human.

What makes people to think that all marriages have to be out of love? if 2 people agreed to walk together for reasons best known to them, what is our own inside abeg? Many marriages made out of love have hit the rock and those ones are still standing. The key word is 'agreed'. 

Hmm...Nigerian men with polygamy! When their counterparts abroad are thinking of having quality life and saving for their old age, all they think about is marrying 2- 3 wives! When they cannot take care of 1 sef! And our fellow women nko? Who will enter another woman's matrimonial home with boldness to sleep with the man!

Married women are now upping the men in the cheating game! And no, I will not judge them, because I don't know  their story. So tell the man to fast and pray very well for GOD to change her, dress sexy, spice up his s*x  act and always please her! Afterall, that is the same advise we give married women with cheating husbands. 

The Jewish men are the prayer warriors in their homes. Then why in Africa Christendom, it is mostly the women that are always prying for their families?

Lemme leave that question for you all to contemplate and answer on. GOOD MORNING! I am now hungry ... lemme go and find something to eat o jare... I know, it is 3.29am! # Shrugs#. 😀


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