Friday, March 09, 2018


WOW! I can't believe a month had passed before I updated again! A thousand apologizes to you all. Things are going on a fast pace than I anticipated! OKAY! Without wasting much of your time, let me gist you guys all the things I had written inside my head! Yes oo, I do update my blog in my head while driving! 

First, SPRING BREAK is starting today! YEHAWWW! You don't know how happy I am for the reprieve! My kids went; URRGHHH MUMMY! When I told them to get ready for spring cleaning! I was not house proud last week when I opened the door and walked in, and said; This can't be my house! Toys all over the place, dishes in the sink, beds unmade and piled up laundry! 
I told you guys before, that I have handwriting like chicken scrawl!

I leave home very early in the morning before they go to school and come back late in the afternoon after they come back from school, and I work 10pm-6am. I barely have 6 hours of sleep a day! I feel for my kids too, they leave home 6.30/7.30am and come back 4pm/5pm. My girls play tennis after school, they just flop on the bed and doze off without eating and wake up at midnight to do their homework and eat. My boys, eat, do their homework and sleep off! Me? I sleep off! Hubby? Gets his own dinner, and sleep. It is CRA-A-ZYY, I tell you! AHAHHAAAA! On weekends, we do basic cleaning,  laundry, bathroom, cook, homework and sleep! 

Second, What the heck is wrong with Nigerian girls with proposing marriage ehn? Is it everything we must copy sef? Is it because they saw a scene in a Hollywood movie or what? .... I think the movie with Sandra Bullock chei?  I asked a couple of men in my place of work, and they went NAYYY! They prefer the traditional way! Movies are MAKE-BELIEVES!!!! Until SOME Nigerians learn to understand many things portray in Hollywood movies are not exactly what is happening here, they will continue to embarrass and disgrace themselves in a bid to be like 'oyibo!' Someday, I will write on this.

I just finished reading comments in a facebook group page on a diaspora venting in a video about incessant demands from home and how hard it is abroad. I made comments there also, but when it looked a guy was about getting insulting, I just gently waka comot before I type what was really in my mind ... some people are so filled with self-entitlement! I don't want to bore you guys with talks on such topic again, it is over-flogged already, and this post is getting too long sef! Just know that, it is very hard earning and spending the dollars in yankee, remember, it is a capitalist country, every nickel is accounted for! The way we work and spend money in 9ja is so different here! No 'egunje'! No 'contract'! No- my- broda- dash- me! No-oga-landlord-I beg! No-oga-nepa-take! No well to fetch water! it is O-Y-O!

It's no news many household gadgets and furnitures and cars are bought on credit. No wonder, a guy got so pissed up with a friend of his in Nigeria who asked for financial help, and this guy tried to explain things were not easy here also, then the friend in 9ja said ; 'At least you have credit cards to spend'. So that is a good thing abi? He will be living in gbese, and be paying debt until old age, while the 9ja-friend will be debt-free? My pipo, is that one a friend? I rest my case jor.

Daz  all for now, until next time, which will be very soon by the Mercy and Grace of GOD ..... THANK YOU for stopping by. Peace out!

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