Sunday, February 04, 2018


Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my previous post.  No doubt, many took something important away from it because, my statistics told me so! 😃 I would have allowed anonymous comments, for many to air their views, but as my pipo say; experience is the best teacher!  So, I truly appreciate y'all.

OK! Lets talk about S-8-X! Remember that  old song by salt n pepa? 'Lets talk about s8x babe, lets talk about you n me, lets talk about all the good and bad things that may be it ... ' Yes 000, I am old school when it comes to music.😀

No doubt, you and I, have read many posts and comments on several platforms about the publicized sex dolls; Notice,I didn't say newly-discovered or invented because it  had been in use for decades but in secrecy. Did you see the video of the man with 6 of 'em? All in different locations in his house? 

 Have any of you wondered why so sudden? Is it to create more market for it? Hhmmm, I think not, IMO, I believe it is because of the recent 'wahala' some women are creating with their false accusations here and there against men! So, manufacturers are telling men; 'Hey! We are here to help you actualize your fantasy and urges without getting into any trouble again! 

OH! The comments from some women were hilarious and bitter! One said; 'It is like sleeping with a corpse'.  A guy replied; 'But, you women use dildo right? He got her right there! Afterall  dildo is a not 'alive' abi?  Another lady said; 'Who will do the cooking,cleaning and laundry for you men?' I was surprised at this question because most ladies are always forming 'miss-independent-no-doing-wifey-chores-until-after-wedding!' So, why do you care how he eats, tidy his apartment and wash his clothes fa? My dear lady, there are caterers, housekeepers and washing machine/ drycleaners /  laundry women who are ready to do all that  for a fee. Also, a guy said; 'It is only a lazy man that will depend on a girl for his daily meals when there is you-tube videos to direct him cook whatever he likes, that no girl can do shakara for him again!' 

WELL! To me, these s8x dolls are a welcome idea! It is about time o jare! Women have pushed the men to the wall with all their drama and demands! WAIT!!! Before you start clapping your hands sarcastically and  saying EH-ENNN, to me! Put sentiments aside and let us see the positive effects it will have; First, it will reduce sexual molestation, baby mama ish, STDS , infidelity,  (technically he is not, it is like saying masturbation is a crime which is not!) Polygamy and divorce!

Which boils down to my question: Will you agree for your partner to have s8x dolls?  The most-honest-truth is that  s8x is the ONLY reason many married men have extra-marital affairs while money is the ONLY reason women date married men! All the rest nah jara!  Afterall money for hand, back for ground as the popular slogan go ... nay, it is not only in 'opio' work! Many married couples are in long distance relationships. If that will help both the man  and woman not to fall into temptation, why not?  I saw the men version of the s8x doll, I didn't know when I shouted SHIORR! Because that 'joystick' will shift the uterus o!😁

The post is getting too long and boring? Qui? Okay, please bear with me, I am about rounding it up; You see, the married man can order to his specifics and that will spice up bedroom matters. Then all those 'leeches' who wants to suck a married man dry all in the name of  extra-marital affair will take back seat. If you doubt me, when the man stops giving out money, that love they claim to have will vamoose with immediate alacrity! Why? Simply because he is getting enough 'kpekus'  and living his fantasy at home, so, she won't be needed anymore!

Will wives be jealous? I think not! Because, they KNOW who their 'rivals' are, who won't be bitchy, or doing 'jazz' or having a love-child or wanting to be wifey #2 by force by fire or taking 'food' from her children's mouth out of greed!  Some of you might be thinking I am supporting the men right? DAMN RIGHT! I AM! Infact, I am thinking of placing an order for my hubby sef for his next birthday, because I don dey slack for that department 😀 ...yep, I admit it ... I am so stressed out . He laughed so hard, (it was good teasing )....when I was asking him for his specifics this morning  ... and nope, #joking# I ain't gonna share that info with you! Winks. Okay, guys, daz all for today, peace out!


  1. You are doing well bringing up subjects that is taboo in African communities. Owning a sex doll and using it is next to masturbation. And although you say masturbation isn't crime it is sin. To enjoy masturbation you have to fantasize sleeping with your crush while doing it. And you know Jesus Christ said once you fantasize being with another woman you have committed adultery without actually sleeping with her. It would have been nice if your husband will only fantasize being with you whilst playing with the sex doll but the truth is that he may fantasize sleeping with a super model crush he has not even met whilst playing with the doll. Both men and women sometimes have to fantasize being with someone else in order to achieve orgasm so you may be aiding and abetting sin.

    And some wives see sex dolls as competition because they will no longer be able to use sex as a bargaining chip. With sex dolls some men may be able to go for long periods without sex and that means losing a bit of influence and control.

    But you stated in your write up that men will only cheat because of sex. That is not entirely true. If a man is not happy at home due to the actions or the attitude of the wife he might seek happiness elsewhere and once a lady is given him something he doesn't get at home he could be hooked. For example if the wife is disrespecting him at home and as we all know over familiarity breed contempt and suddenly he goes elsewhere and he is seen as God sent he will always like to go there.

    1. Nice hearing from you again and thank you for your kind words, I try to broach topics that we Nigerians like to play the ostrich with.

      A popular Nigerian artiste once said that, we Nigerians are hypocrites when it comes to s8x but are something else behind closed doors.

      Why will my husband fantasize about me when I am with him 24/7? 😁 Fantasy is defined as dreamibg about the unattainable ... or acting it out.Just like you explained in your example. When you hear people advise couples to spice up their bedroom matter, what do you think they are actually talking about huh? Role playing and fifty shades of grey goes on behind closed doors!😄

      Now, you seriously believe the lies married men tell to get between the legs of the other woman? That is the oldest trick in the game book! SO! IS IT EVERY MARRIED WOMAN THAT IS HAPPY IN HER HOME? SHOULD THEY CHEAT ALSO LIKE THEIR HUSBANDS TO FIND HAPPINESS? Remember,every action gets a reaction. Some husbands leave their bad attitude at home and exhibit their best traits outside,giving a false impression!

      I say it again, S8X, S8X, S8X is the first and only thing that comes into the mind of a married man towards any woman apart from his wife! If you doubt me, tell them to divorce their wives if truly they are not happy, then you will hear a thousand to a million excuse why they cannot! Check well, the ones that succeeded in making him divorce his wife,if it was ordinary hand? Later, the man will start to complain about her too! It is an unending circle my dear.

      Women that sees s8x dolls as a competitor,should not blame men for objecting to dildos. It is the same 10pence and kobo! S8x is very important in marriage, it is not food, but much needed.
      Thank you for visiting.😊

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