Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The Santa Christmas parade just passed the street few minutes ago, many houses are decorated and light up for the Christmas celebration .... streets are looking so beautiful, my kids are asking for a Christmas tree this year, I don't know if I should indulge them, just to make them happy because I feel indifferent about it. As usual, we would be spending the Christmas with my brother-in-law since they celebrated the thanksgiving with us, it has become our  'tradition'  , hopefully, my kids will not see it as a norm and cultivate it, because that is how culture came about in the first place ... it is learned and simply an adaptation to one's environment.

Social media is filled with the tithe palava ... hey, you can top reading here if this is a sensitive matter to you, because I had once addressed this in my old blog and I did not get so-good comments on it. I agree with Freeze, the come-backs from the god-of-men are all emotional blackmails, innuendo with curses for unborn generations. SERIOUSLY? Why is the comeback not grounded on scriptures as Freeze presented his? Every human strive to have a source of livelihood, so who are the chosen 'Levites' in this era that do not have a vocation, that will depend on the tithes for survival? And Christ has bought us into the priesthood with HIS blood, so are we not all 'Levites'? Just take a moment to think about this without sentiments.  

GOD no longer dwells in a building, in a ark, because our body is now HIS TEMPLE! So why continuously say bring your tithes to the house of GOD? I do believe in giving that tithe to the orphans, widows, fatherless children, hungry, sick and the needy and YES, I have been blessed for it! The come-backs are baseless ... are all Nigerians Christians? Are non-Christians not successful in their businesses or careers? Again I ask, is  Christianity the true and only religion on earth?  I attend a non-Nigerian church here, and no emphasis is made on tithe, or linked to prosperity ... offering is free-will, rather, they want to bless you if you lack ... that is true definition of Christianity; CHRIST-LIKE, since GOD IS LOVE! 

Sexual harassment accusations is the trendy-thing here ...  some accusations were found to be false, some settled out of court with heavy payment, some still pending.  Few of the comments that caught my interest were: that corporations would gradually stop employing females especially in sensitive positions,and men would be afraid to compliment, flirt or ask women out, hence, many women will be left on the 'shelve'.  With advanced technology, sexual robots would soon take over; a short documentary I watched minutes ago before blogging.

Deny it or not, many women need the love, companion and touch of men! Power given is a responsibility not a gift, so, women should not abuse it! Are men not sexually harassed by women also? With the constant display of nude pictures and seductive dancing in social media? If men put their ego aside and starts to sue women for sexual harassment also, they won't be taken seriously just as the man who accused a female of raping him. I remembered many of the comments, laughing and making jest of him, asking how did his '3rd leg' stood up if  he did not enjoy it? And women continue to ask for equality when they display double standard, in sexual and financial matters? OH PUHLEASEEE!