Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I was told to watch the hot single boss lady; A short,simple and well edited movie. The first thing that struck me, was the title and poster; It did not go with the theme of the movie: It was about a lady who had to survive with younger sister by ' lying on he back'. The younger sister was ashamed of her older sister who was in the oldest trade ever known to mankind, and denied her existence when it came to the most important thing in her life  .... you can watch the rest in you-tube.

My questions are; Didn't her profession teach her to use protection always? At least this much I saw in the first scene, when her younger sister refused to pick up a used condom on the floor. And do her profession care if the clients are married or not? Is their motto not: Money for hand, and back for ground? SO, WHY DID SHE HAVE UNPROTECTED WITH HIM? And TOLD HIM SHE DOES NOT DO MARRIED MEN? This is because she slept with the manager of the bar so her ungrateful younger sister can get a job, and  at that desperate moment, did she care if the manager was married or not? The writer of the story wants to portray the idea of a 'good girl' in the eyes of the viewers.

Why was the married man seen as the victim? He CHEATED on his wife! How can a CEO of a company don't know how to fight with any missiles in his hands for his own company, that he built from the scratch and with his sweat?  That it has to take a complete stranger to tell him what to do? And by the way, was she sourcing for clients at the beach or relaxing?

Now, lets talk about the ingrate younger sister shortcomings/ insecurities; A young orphaned girl without parental love, who had to watch her elder sister sleep with different men, likely developed fear of being abandoned and lack of trust for men. She is so self-centered by causing her own miscarriage with alcohol! At the end of the day, she still ran for succor in the hands of her elder sister when her marriage was about to hit the rocks.

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