Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Yesterday was  Halloween...I no dey celebrate am! So my porch light was off, no trick or treat for anybody!😀 For the fact that I have come to like cats no mean say, I ready to celebrate  halloween ..MBANU! I am still very superstitious o! Anyways, happy Halloween to those who celebrated, after-all, the bible say, rejoice with those who rejoice...abi, no be so, my pipo, make una no vex for me fa! My hands are keeping busy, but today I have few hours to myself. How una deyy? 

Can you believe that my manager I be gist una about,( read am for here,  if you have forgotten,) just used that guy? ME-HNN, The babe na sharp girl shaa! She dumped the guy after she got what she wanted. Out of annoyance, the guy come dey show co-workers her picture when she dey for 'birthday-suit!' He was nearly fired, but he come beg. KAI! I cannot believe small girl like that can have mind to do wetin she do. I raise hand for am! Infact, she was the one that leaked out their affair! You see why I dey raise hand for am?

The other tiny person that pushed her to take that desperate action don vex transfer comot from our side, because the position she wanted was given to her friend. She come serve her friend the same dish of bitchiness she gave my former manager. That one no look her side, out of anger abi frustration she go. I laugh wella! Me-hn .... the babe show us pe-pper! Her friend is a better manager than her! Everyone loves her. 

HAPPY NEW MONTH! A month of thanksgiving in yankee ... this I will prepare for in 3 weeks time 😁 

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