Friday, October 06, 2017


Ever since I came to know Nse-Etim, I look forward to seeing her ... in movies! NOPE! I am not a movie critic neither has my blog turned to movie review. Today, is on 'THE VISIT'.  A very interesting, thought-provoking movie. It got a 5 rating in Netflix! First time of seeing a Nollywood movie getting a high rating!

The 2 hours movie addressed several issues in marriage amongst couples. Nollywood is going places oo! Who was subtitling the waffi pidgin spoken by Ajiri and Lanre ehn? For example; 'You fall my hand' is 'You f**k my heart?' And that oral s*x scene on the car was exxxagggerated (you see my number of x's and g's?). Yeah, I know Ajiri admitted she has a high libido ... mehn, the manner she said it in pidgin made me laughed; 'e be like say, wetin I carry big pass my body!'

After the revealing of so many secrets between both couples, Chidi asked; 'What happened to the concept of being 'naked' without being ashamed? Good question! That is why his wife Eugenia re-wrote her life story, and was living a fake life,  just as many people in the virtual and real world! The few who don't mind being 'naked' are cussed or snubbed or avoided! Eugenia had a different personality in her Candy blog, and Ajiri with her flightier blog ID. 

The movie addressed the problem of hyping, which Lanre did so much and his bubble was bursted eventually! Some people like 'packaging' themselves for reasons best known to them and easily deceive the naive. Again, whatever works for MR A cannot work for MR B. 

I have a question; Did they use the same apartment for shooting all scenes? I ask because I noticed the same holes on the kitchen floor cabinets, which is usually caused by water leakage or 'uninvited-guests/-non-paying tenants'. (9jas know what I mean .ahahha).  

P.S: Ladies need to think about this fake lashes tinz..the way the camera zoomed on Eugenia face, it made the eyelashes looked...  i no fit talk am.😁

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