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Monday, September 25, 2017


I hail una, my pipo! (Greetings) Hmm, make una no vex for me oo!(Don't be angry). This is my first post this month ... nay, the peeping in post no count. My guys, it was not by choice o, as I had to pursue something else, so I can equip myself for tomorrow and get a better pay. It is easy, make I confess positively. I had a little respite, so I opened my laptop,..and here I am.

I have plenty gist in my head to yarn you all (I have so much to say), but how to coordinate it, so it won't be long and boring is my problem ... but I still dey type instead to start yarning the koko abi?  (I am still perambulating instead of going to the main topic). 

Alright! It is about this Nigerian community in yankee oo! I just tire for their wahala fa! Their pop-nosy is on another level ga! Imagine few people like that, saying, why is my hubby  helping out too much with the grocery and cooking? Am I the first woman to be doing 2 things the same time? That some women do x3  sef!

OTURUGBEKE! Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am up??? Trust me ke! I sent back a strong worded message to the sabinus (es)! I told them, #1 I am NOT their wife!
#2, My hubby married a woman and NOT a superwoman! Did I tell anyone that I was related to Clark and his cousin, or I came from the planet kryptonite? And #3, they do NOT know our story!

Many that have been reading my blog for ages, will understand what I am talking about! Living in Nigeria and abroad is like 2 parallel lines. The men have no choice than to do the needful for the family, because it is all about survival!!!

I am an introvert and know how to entertain myself, hence, I don't need any parapo (tribe meetings) to validate myself or feel belonged! GOD who made a way for us to come here, will definitely complete HIS works in our lives! Amin oo!

LISTEN! The amount of lies, exaggeration I read in some posts and comments section, will deceive naive young couples and likely cause more problems in their marriage or relationship. Can 2 walk together, unless they agree? Amos 3:3. To each is own abeggy! 

See you later! ADIOS!😀


  1. You summed it upo when you said they do NOT know your story! The personalities in every relationship is different, so everyone just has to do what works for them.