Tuesday, June 06, 2017


HOWDY! Like play, like joke, June is here! Half of the year already! We thank GOD for HIS grace to see it. OKAY! What I want to bare my mind on today, is on the FB post about men cheating and my first cousin who happens to be a pastor agreed that all men cheat! SHIOR! I opened my mouth when I read his comment ... even you pastor? 😁 YEAH! I know it is an overflogged issue but it always gets people attention when infidelity matter is brought up. And from the comments, you will know the women who are yet to be in the institution! E dey sweet for mouth to advise wives, enter first, then come back later to tell us if you adhered to your own words!
It is always the men that scream blue murder when they are cheated upon because they say women cheat with their hearts in it, while theirs is purely physical! I hear! Why then abandon your family for your mistress? Or Neglect your responsibilities at home to satisfy your concubine needs huh? Men also say cheating women might end up giving them pregnancies that are not theirs, but you men also have love-children outside your matrimonial home! 

All the same, none cheat with themselves! It takes two to tango! The men cheat with women, and women do same with men. SO! Who is really cheating on who, since, It is a merry go round? And again, cheating is as old as as the earth. Yet! We never get tired of talking about it! Why? Apart from the pain of betrayal, history has taught us it can change the course of a whole nation/human race! SIGH!