Monday, May 15, 2017


NO! NO! NO! I have not stopped blogging as few might be thinking. I have so much on my plate; I have a guest from Nigeria, being with us for a month now and I am trying to settle into my new job, so my routine completely changed. I seldom visit blogs because, I am stressed out! This much my doctor said after I went for my wellness check up few weeks back. If I have my way, I will work days, but I cannot afford daycare for my 3 year old.

I observed that, the people that mostly work nights are students, grannies who helps out baby sitting their grandchildren during the day, mothers whose kids are young, those who have a 2nd day job, and young adults whose parents works daytime. I also observed that getting overnight employees is not easy, companies are ever ready to employ them, especially when one is ready to work on Sundays and public holidays. 

I have said it before here that overnight jobs do affect families! Bedroom activities reduces drastically. Housekeeping will be less. All hands will be on deck to keep the ship sailing! The 2 days off is not enough! 3 days, is better! This is because, on my first day off, my body has it's mind of it's own, I sleep all day, it needs to re-boot. On my 2nd day off, I drag myself to do chores and cooking, it will be on the 3rd day, my mind and body merges together, to relax, but I have to resume that night! 

Listen, some might be wondering, what's the biggie? Afterall, many do 2 -3 jobs! And I will ask; What kind of jobs? The days / hours?  Are they males or females? Are they married or single? Do they have children or not? How many kids and how old? And are they on any pain killer medication? It is no news that many are using hard substance, that is why, drug screening is not toyed with before employment! In my former place of work, there was a notice pleading with any employee who was on drugs to see the HR for counselling! Do you blame some of them? When some employers wants you to have the combined powers of Flash and superman!  There is no black and white, but many gray areas. A manager once said, there is a life outside the job! I am an introvert, and seldom socialize, now it is worst! My kids and hubby are the ones that attends family functions, because, I will be sleeping.  I will not advise a young single female or male to do night jobs, it will affect their dating, unless both are working nights and on the same day off, like a co-worker and his wife in my former place of work.

Thanks for reading ... nope, I am not going back to sleep, rather taking my kid to his choir school concert. #YAWNS# See y'all later.