Friday, May 26, 2017


Mother's day was celebrated on May 14th in yankee, and Children's day will be celebrated tomorrow in 9ja. As usual, beautiful words were said about mothers by their children, so who happens to be the evil mothers we read and hear about huh? My reply is in the scripture that said; 'even the evil ones knows how to do good to their own children!'{Matthew 7:11}. Well, that is not what I really want to talk about today. 

My cousin asked something from his father, when it was not given, he got angry and said; 'Why did you give birth to me when you knew you could not take care of me?' His father replied; 'Did you not see I was a poor man before you decided to come?' We all laughed ...  that was years ago. So I thought, if children were able to look down from heaven and see into the family they would be born into ... hmmm ... some might not have children, while many would have in abundance! But they have no choice in the matter. They go where ever our creator sends them to. Remember, we are just caretakers, because children are a blessing and heritage from GOD.{Psalm 127:3} (PLEASE no offense towards women seeking for the fruit of the womb. It is elaborate the point I am driving at. Thank you.)

Nigerians are fond of telling their children, 'I carried you in my belly for 9 months!' I laboured for you! Most times, I go SHHHHHHH! If they didn't come, won't you be the one running from pillar to post searching for them? They did us a great favour by coming into this wicked world sef! So, Nigerian mothers should stop holding their children to ransom jor! They are the ones to be more celebrated for given women the privilege to be called mothers and men,fathers!

SO! It hurts me really bad to see children harmed by their own parents or step parents or guardians or relatives! It is because of children many wives stay put in their marriages; they want to protect and provide for them. It is our duty as mothers to always put our children first. Hence, I am usually surprised when I hear stories of women who love their husbands more than their children or put their own needs first before their children. 

The honest bitter truth is that, no woman can love another woman's child more than hers! Yes! She can love and care for that child but will not make certain sacrifices for him or her if push comes to shove, as she will do for her own child without a 2nd thought! WHY? For the simple reason that, a child will always go back to his or her biological mother as long as she is alive! That is when, you will hear Nigerians say; 'Mama, na Mama!