Friday, April 28, 2017


It's being a busy week! I have been on training in a different location, and I have a guest from Nigeria. So! What has been happening on all social platforms? Because of many fake stories/news, we don't know when someone is telling the truth anymore! But things are really happening! For the fact that, it does not happen to us or someone we know, it does not mean, it cannot happen ... so we should have an open mind and pick the core in the story.

Wedding party, the lastest Nollywood movie is now in Netflix, with the Disney movie, Queen of Katwe! What an inspirational true story! I wept at the end of that movie. I am listening to Shola Adeoye, live in FB, as I type, how many of you watch him? My hubby introduced his page to me ... I like his boldness and bluntness! His true stories from people leaves me speechless!  

Things I hear some Nigerian diasporas do, will make you wonder, whyyy? Like a couple whose annual income is over a million dollars, were on welfare! Depriving the needy! They were investigated for 2 years before confronted. Or is it when a host found out his son's SSN got missing after a guest stayed with him for a month? The identity thief used it to start a job in a different state. When the host's son wanted to start his first job as a teenager during summer, which happened to be a branch of the same company the identify thief was working, that was when the theft was uncovered! The company data base, said, he was already working in the company!


Abi, is it a lady, who lied against her elder sister to their siblings in Nigeria because she didn't want to be sending money to them? When the siblings also relocated to yankee, they had grudge against their elder sister, until, the scales fell from their eyes, and they saw she was innocent, now, they dislike that other sibling! Another lady hosted a friend who relocated, on the agreement that, she will start paying bills after 2 months of getting a job. Time reached, oya, come and pay, story enter! The friend moved in with her new boyfriend instead! We siddon dey look! No be this yankee? When the guy use her wella, even take her money ontop, in the name of borrowing, her eyes go clear! Just to pay about $300 monthly come be problem because she wants to do big-woman for 9ja and save? So the host no get her own brukata abi? 

Ok guys, daz all for now! make I go sleep small. 
Wishing all Nigerians a restful workers' day on May 1st. I did not say happy because the recession is biting really hard! Salaries are not being paid or slashed! 
Happy new month in advance!😁