Thursday, March 16, 2017


Many times, wives are asked; 'Why fight your husband's mistress, why not your husband? 'Did she asked your husband to have an affair with her?' Whenever I come across such comments from women, I am wrought to ask ; 'Why do husbands fight their wife's' lover when caught huh? IMO, they are tress-passers, and we know tress-passers are never welcomed! And who say wives don't deal with their way-ward husbands huh? You don't live with them, do you? Straying wives are sent packing, but way-ward husbands are forgiven, because, whether we like to admit it or not ... it's the man's world, since they are the ones that marry women, and can marry many wives as they want, according to our culture and their religion! 


The adulterous men say they are in it for the sex, while the mistresses say, it is for the money. BUT! These mistresses soon fall in love with the men because of the way they spend on them and their 'maturity' at handling situations! BUT! Many of these wicked men deprive their family needs to take care of their mistresses, also leaving their nasty personality at home, while showing their awesomeness to their mistresses who are no longer content with being the 2nd fiddle! THEY WANT IT ALL! So, they begin to scheme on how to overthrow the lady of the manor! Some go fetish, some use sexual prowess and some  food, to tie the man down, after finding the weakness of the wives from the diarrhea infected mouths of their lovers! When wives complain, people will say; No husband can be stolen unless he wants to be taken, in the first place! And you know what? They are kind of right! Simply because these men will tell their mistresses that they were forced to marry their wives, or are not in love with their wives or their wives are old or ugly or dirty or don't know how to f***! 

There is always the fly on the wall, that goes buzzing to the wives! Or the wives develop detective skills overnight, and find out things by herself. If many wives show you some of the things these mistresses write to their way-ward married lovers, you will be ashamed on their behalf! I read one, where the mistress was begging her lover to divorce his wife, that she loves him so much and she was ready to take care of his children! What of a mistress swearing brimstone and fire on her married lover when she found out he slept with another girl? I also saw the naked picture of a lady sitting on a chair with her legs wide apart showing what her mama gave to her! I heard she got married about 2 years ago, and still asks her ex-married lover for money! And yes, we do have a good laugh!

We have heard many stories of way-ward husbands coming back to their senses after years of neglecting or abandoning their families for their mistresses, and people still ask , 'Why fight the mistresses?  For the simple reason that;  after wives have turned to prayer warrior, a fashion-guru, a chef,and become an acrobatic in the bedroom, for their husbands to be faithful to them, the mistresses don't want to let go, because of the MONEY! And you expect wives to fold hands akimbo and be looking abi? WHOSAI! Some crazy wives will go spiritual or physical on them! Werey, pass werey!

The summary of it all is that ... it hurts and it is a reflex action to lash out at anything or anybody causing that hurt! In fairness to all mistresses, some way-ward married men, lie about their marital status. Many Nigerian men no longer wear their wedding rings, or takes it off when going 'hunting'. Many are good at keeping it from any web-search, and when the ladies find out, it will be too late because they are already deep into the relationship to let go! Shame on such irresponsible husbands! And some ladies no send sef, if a man is married or not! Wetin concern agbero with overload?! Money for hand, back for ground! 

What behooves me is the way, single and married ladies who are/were in adulterous relationships in the past or present boast about it and laughs at karma as a piece of mythical bull s***! And they ask, 'why karma don't visit adulterous men?' And I always reply; Who told you, it does not?


  1. I've always said it.....The men are always to.blame. sure the women could stay away from.married men but it's all about who you are and the rules you set for yourself. My mum.never understood my reasoning: A young gal, broke and trying to stay in school meets a man who gives her everything...Who cares if he is married...At least that's how the gal be thinking. But as I said, it's all about who you are and the rules you set for yourself. The kind of person you are. Never touch another woman's husband...It's just that simple cos you never know who your lover's wife is. Could be a mad woman, a prayer warrior or a priestess..LMAO that last part tho hehe

    1. J, howdy?
      A young lady once told me the same thing when we were discussing this issue about 8 years ago... her mum was the bread winner, very strict and not generous to her own children. I saw this myself...the children cooked their own food in the house ... there is no love lost between them,because their mother believed, they were old enough to fend for themselves since they were more than 18 years old! After she paid their school fees, that is it! So she said, Aunty, what do you expect girls like me in such situation to do? I had nothing to say to her.

      When she got married before I relocated, I said within me, I hope she won't be angry with her husband when he also helps a girl in future through schooling or feeding or paying rents! The truth is that many of such ladies thinks only their own case is special, that their own husbands should not be generous like their own ex-married lovers!

      Yes oo, at your last paragraph. I know of a distant extended relative who was a divorcee, dating a married man, she was advised to stop,she refused, because it was another woman that broke her own home! Her married lover came one day, shaking and sweating, that he had to stop their relationship because his wife transformed to several animals in his presence when he was about leaving home to meet her. That the wife said, he thinks, she does not know all his moves? That she just pity him because of their children, if not, she would have dealt with him and she knows it is just flings, but he was getting serious with this my distant extended relative, so she had to nip it in the bud quick! This man was a successful contractor, but he didn't know it was the wife that was helping him winning the contracts! My extended relative stopped it with him. After a while, she never visited, so I don't know if she stopped dating married men. Her husband left her alone to cater for their kids, and faced his new family.

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      Thank you.


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