Saturday, March 04, 2017


A comedian once made a joke about the people who rate movies in Netflix; He cannot imagine someone that can only afford $8.99 a month, rating movies, 2 stars? 3 stars? Well, it was a show organised by Netflix, so it made a good laugh. But it is from jokes your friends will tell you, who you are or what they think about you. I like and enjoy Netflix a lot, because of no advertisements, and their movies are well picked. I usually select comedies and foreign movies, it is there I understood the jibe the comedian made ... foreign movies get 2-3 stars especially Africa movies!

source. 2 THUMBS UP

I applaud Netflix for adding Nigeria movies amongst their selection. The first time I saw it, I was so excited and watched all, and  always searched for 'recently added' movies, and I found one today, which I am watching right now ; ' Onye Ozi' ... Okey Bakassi is not disappointing me at all. My first time watching an Igbo movie, the only little comma I have is that, the white actors should have spoken English, the Igbo no flow at all 😃. 

It is said, we should give honour to whom it is due and when it is due, so I won't hesitate to hail Nollywood for improving because I am not a big fan of our movies. But, after watching the likes of Irapada, Figurine, Mr&Mrs, October Ist  and The wedding party recently in You tube, ( the food scene was hilarious but knowing how Nigerian wedding parties are, especially for  the rich, the amala , gbegiri and ewedu with assorted meat looked 'poor 😄 ), I salute our producers and wish Netflix will be adding more of these well scripted movies. I grew up as a Bollywood fan, but as I became older, I got tired of the 21/2 hours long movies ... the songs and the new 'modern-whats-not', I liked the traditionally setting more.


I am happy that some Nolly wood movies don't have several parts again! And no long boring dialogues and exaggerated scenes! The movie has ended ... rated it 4 . BTW, What does Onye Ozi means sef? That is how I watch Indian movies without knowing the meaning of the titles! 😄

 Ok, guys, see you later...going back to bed, leaving for work in the next few hours. Talking of work, a co-worker jokingly said, all normal people ought to be asleep by 3.00am! AHAHAHA.

Have a fulfilled week ahead.