Saturday, February 25, 2017


Hubby was telling me last week how a colleague of his showed so much appreciation for the advice he gave to him. This colleague always complained of severe abdominal pain, which he said, has been going on for a long time, and he had visited the hospital, nothing was found after scan and test carried out. The last option was to insert a microscopic camera through his esophagus into his stomach to know what ails him. It was the cost of it that made him refused because his insurance said they won't pay!

'It might be appendicitis'  My hubby said, which another co-worker agreed. He went ahead to tell him about my cousin, blackky, who experienced similar thing, and the hospital continued treating her for typhoid and malaria. My mum had to rush her to a clinic close to our house when she was in excruciating pain.The doctor said, she needed to be operated on immediately because it was appendicitis! If you see how ripe this thing was ehen?! Thank GOD for using that doctor o! It would have raptured on her way back to school! Wetin my mum for talk? Her late sister's only daughter? GOD be praised! The colleague was reluctant because, he believed the experienced doctors he visited could not go wrong. But my hubby and the other co-worker, persuaded him to see a different doctor and suggest that it might be appendicitis.

He did not come to work for some days, only for him to resume last week, and told hubby, he was right. He was operated on immediately, that it remained a little for it to rapture! He would have been 'past' now, if he had delayed! And he said, that is why it is good to share your problem, because you don't really know who has the right solution to give. It was this same way, a Nigerian man knew he had sleep apnea.

He is right, but not in 9ja sha! Share your problem ke? Make dem use am cuss you later abi? NO WAY O! Me, myself and I  will be the only ones to know! This 'I-don't-want-people-to-know-my-problem-mentality, is so ingrained in us, that, even our leaders don't share any important personal info with us, unless forced to, and they give us half story! Regardless they are 'servants' of the masses, dem no send! Abi, make the 'witch' that caused it in the first place begin to gloat and finish what 'they' started? LAI LAI O!

Please don't blame us oo, because many will start using the problem as a yard stick to measure theirs and make comments like; 'Ha! Thank God ooo, my own is even better than this person sef!' Tell me, you think the person will be happy to hear that? Making he/she to feel bad? Many times, when I read some comments in blogs concerning certain issue, I just sigh! Females are the worst at doing this! Hence, many women bottle up their problem and fall into depression! Even in blogsville, many bloggers keep very important info from the ears of the public, regardless being anonymous or not. There is no human being on earth that does not go through a certain phase in their lives that will try their endurance and faith! When there is a shoulder to lean on, it helps to make the 'load' easier to carry until one throws it on the ground with a resounding thud!

I am a sharer. Many of you reading my blog for a long time knows I wear my heart on my sleeves which has helped me to handle difficult situations, and makes me feel better which is good for my well-being. Many people have developed high blood pressure because of the fear of sharing. The truth my people is that, sometimes you cannot do it need help....  no man is an Island.The thumb of the rule is that, don't share what you know will hurt you so bad or cause colossal damage, when it gets 'outside'. Simply apply wisdom.  Issues concerning health, faith, finances and relationships can be shared, because absolutely nothing is new under the sun! Also, don't commonize or look down on anybody ...  some people have vast wealth of knowledge because life has thrown 'lemons' at them, that they have learned to make 'lemonade' out of it. 

Peace out!