Monday, January 23, 2017


Hey! It's not too late to say HAPPY 2017! Right?  Who made new resolutions? I am not good at making and keeping any! I Simply make certain changes and try to be consistent. I took a long look in the mirror and decided that I will be a person of fewer words, but when I kept quiet people asked me if I was ok? Even my hubby gets worried when I don't reply back with a thousand words per seconds! AHAHA!

I observed that people talk more on topics that bothers them the most. For instance, Bollywood movies stress more on love-marriage because arranged marriage is part of their culture. Nolly-wood portrays our fetish side because voodoo is one of Nigeria problems! Holly-wood emphasis on family-bonding, because it is lacking here! While, I write more about entitlement mentality and our traditions, because it pisses me off!

I worked on Christmas, boxing day, new year eve, new year,and my birthday. I have to find a hidden spot to say my new year prayer whilst my husband and kids did theirs at home (first time in our family). Most times, work comes first, and the family bears the brunt. Remember, I told you guys how I asked for a night off to prepare my kids for their new day at school and my request was declined twice? I insisted, and, it was approved reluctantly! I was surprised, because I believed family came first!  A co-worker had to resign 3 weeks ago, when she could not cope leaving her children alone at night with her sibling. Her husband works in a different city. Before she started having kids, she did 3 jobs, now, she cannot cope with 1 because her family comes first!

I requested for 5 days off (it was quickly approved oo, so I can go with my wahala ... ahahha) to have quality time with my family ... only to fall sick! It was yesterday, I felt much better and went to church for the first time this year. It was refreshing; 30mins for worship, 1 hour for sermon, and back home by 12 pm! No paparazzi or whats-not! Being AS, I seldom fall sick, but when I do, you will see it in my eyes. Hence, whenever I complain of being sick, hubby knows, it is serious! He sees me as a super-woman! I have told him several times, I AIN'T ONE! Why will he believe when my previous and current wellness results says other wise huh? 

It amuses me when I see the surprise on people's face when my blood work results comes in. I am like; seriously? Because, I am plus size, then I will not be healthy? We are a product of our environment and lifestyle. We should all stop judging a book by it's cover! That was why I was surprised that this particular post got the highest traffic, for the fact that only one person commented! It's not always as it seems. This applies to every aspect of our lives.

my 2016 wellness result

I want to hear from you guys, will you choose work over family?
Thank you and have a blessed week ahead.