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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Good morning everyone! It is 3.23am, wide awake, and what a good time to blog as the house is very quiet and my baby is not climbing all over me. I was gisting yesterday with a friend , I just have to share what she said because I  wondered if I will ever get tired of talking about the wrong impression my fellow brother and sisters back home have about living abroad.

A woman called few weeks back from Nigeria to say, she wanted to stay with her friend for 2 months, and work for that short period because she heard, she can get a job for $20/hour and she intends to get 3 jobs! She will use the money to buy items back home for sales, and while coming abroad, she will bring plenty Nigerian food for sale. Her friend told her first, she cannot stay with her for 2 months, secondly, there are many African shops, and thirdly, where was she going to see 3 jobs within 2 months? More-over, for $20/hour?

I really want to laugh, but this is a serious matter! My guys, this is 2016, and I believed most Nigerians have access to internet and have any information they need. 3 jobs? Yes! Some do it, but not within 2 months and how they do it, I don't know, because there is 24 hours in a day, most I see is 2 jobs ... work in the morning and night, or weekdays and weekends. I know a co-worker who is doing 3 jobs, he is always sleeping every little break he gets and have heavy bags under his eyes, walking sluggishly, because he is always tired.

$20/hour? For an immigrant doing survival job? Talkless for one with a visiting visa without work permit? Of course! Many diasporas earn more than that but NOT on survival jobs! And what are survival jobs? Simply put, non-professional jobs or menial jobs to put food on the table and pay bills until one can break into the corporate market or get their desired job! Hence, some do 2 jobs, at the end of the day, they total between $20-$30/hour, but, remember, the higher your income, the higher your tax, and during tax returns, if you don't have dependents or much expenses, you will pay the government back!

How do this wrong information get out there in this era of knowledge that is being shared everyday on different platforms? Is it possible some diasporas exaggerate or lie to impress or intimidate or oppress people back home? OR  Those who come visiting, see vacancy adverts for certain jobs and assumed it is same for every job and when they go back home, they tell friends when narrating their holiday experience? PLEASE, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS WRONG INFORMATION STILL GETS SPREAD OUT IN 2016? SO IT CAN BE ADDRESSED! 

This wrong mentality need to be changed ASAP! That was how another friend asked to be housed for 2 months by her former hostess, so she can work, the request was declined! Another wanted his friend to accommodate him for 2 weeks holiday, the friend refused! A man asked a friend to host a pregnant lady who came to give birth, out-rightly, the diaspora said NO! The man was surprised and angrily said, YOU DIASPORAS SEF! OH! Just last week, 2 siblings had a major fall out when the younger sibling invited  a pregnant woman from Nigeria  without his elder brother's consent, to come and stay in a house where he does NOT pay rent or any bill! He relocated barely a year ago, he still has that entitlement mentality, since, his brother made everything comfortable for him, so he did not know the challenges immigrants undergo before settling down!

Alright guys. Daz all! See you next time, and thanks for visiting always.


@ilola said...

Na wa o. If it were that easy, we would all be going to yankee to hustle on our visiting visa na, lol.

But seriously, I don't get why that guy can't allow his friend stay for 2 weeks. Shebi its vacation. It's not that serious o.

Good Naija Girl said...

There’s definitely misinformation being spread about what it’s really like to live abroad and make money and sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to ever change it. Many of us work hard and save money like crazy or use our credit cards to buy gifts and things for our families back home (not to mention our plane ticket!) when we’re planning a trip back home. Even when I tell my family members how things work, when I tell them that when I get back to Canada I’ll be working longer hours or overtime to either make up the time I took or earn extra money, they pretend to understand but deep down I know that they think that I’m exaggerating what the reality is and they think when they get to the diaspora they'll finally be able to live like kings and queens. They don’t understand that we deny ourselves at times to bring back certain things for them. I’m slowly learning to stop trying to explain the reality to people who won’t believe me anyway. My prayer is that everyone who wants to would get the opportunity to experience what life is really like abroad: there are good and bad sides.

Some manage to live what appear to be lavish lives, but often it’s on borrowed money, or it’s to the detriment to their health or their family life, like the person you mentioned. I know a couple where husband and wife each worked like 18-20 hours a day each and they left their daughter at home for most of the day (she was about 13 or 14): they just told her to lock the doors when she came home from school and not to open the door to anyone. Now they have a nice home and cars but to me that wasn’t worth the sacrifice: the girl is now in her 20s and I hope she isn’t emotionally scarred from the experience of having no friends and being stuck at home all day while not at school.

As more people like you speak out about the realities of life in the diaspora I think some smart readers will get it. They’ll realize that you’re not lying or exaggerating and that will allow them to be better prepared for real life in the USA.

Nitty-Gritty said...

Ahahahaha. It is serious oo, Atilola, the guy didn't allow his friend he saw 16 years ago, to stay 2 weeks in his house, because he has 3 daughters who are mostly at home by themselves, due to the nature of him and his wife's jobs.

Yes, it is vacation, and I am happy to know you are a seasoned traveller, so you know the difference between going sight seeing with and without a guide.

You know many diasporas have irregular working hours compare to Nigeria abi? So guests will be left alone at home most of the days, because the host has no time to take them out for shopping and sight seeing, except on their day offs, which can be a day. Some call cabs for the guests to take them to malls, but they will still feel lost and lonely if it is their first time of visiting.

It cost an average of $100/ night in a hotel. So 2 weeks is $1,400.00 can the guest give half of that to his host to foot the cost of taking care of him? Because his electricity, water and grocery bill will increase.

For instance, I come home 8.15am in the mornings after working all night...what do you think will be the first thing on my mind? SLEEP! After preparing breakfast and lunch down for the guest, I will go and lie down. So where is the entertainment for the guest huh?

So you see, it depends on the relationship between the host and guest, the gender and age of the guest and financial status of the host.

I hope with this little explanation, you will understand now?

Nitty-Gritty said...

Thank you very much for these detailed explanation Jummy. I have nothing more to add.GOD bless.

Nitty-Gritty said...