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Saturday, October 01, 2016


The only constant thing is change itself! I supported the change in my father's  land regardless of who was bringing it! I have read so many negativity about the new administration, that whenever I tried to be objective and encouraging, I am told, it is because I now live abroad, that is why I am 'just talking!' 

Please, ex-squeeze me! I spent my 38 years in Nigeria, I was not born with a silver spoon, nor did I marry a Danjuma! I am still very much in contact with my family back home. We discuss everything ranging from food to the recent happenings in 9ja, so I know whats-up!

Do you guys think people don't hunger in diaspora? Or there are no poor people? Or no deprivations? or beggars?  Many people are on food stamp! Organic food is expensive to buy! Only genetically modified food are very affordable, which researchers say are harmful to us! But wetin man go do? We must chop!

SO! Where am I going with this? Well, it is to tell my fellow Nigerians that even in overseas, diasporas are managing like you! See, ehen, forget all those beautiful pictures unah dey look for social platforms o, until you come to live here, you will join in counting the nickels before you purchase anything! PRUDENCE is the key! STOP frivolities! Separate your NEEDS from your wants! This is a time to set BOUNDARIES and PRIORITIES! This is not the time for 'I- just-come-visit-you'! SENTIMENTS DOES NOT PAY BILLS OR PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE! Find very simple meals to prepare! Find substitutes, like okro for draw soup instead of obognon. Cut your meat or chicken or fish into smaller bits, dem no dey chop meat belleful abeg! FOOD should be the most important thing in your home than clothes or jewelries aso-ebi or owambe! 



activeghman said...

I perfectly understand the sentiments expressed in your post. Throughout social media and on the wider internet people are complaining about the state of the Nigerian economy and most people are laying the blame on the present government. To be honest, the current low crude oil prices is that irrespective of who is in charge the naija economy is going to be challenged. In fact its one of the reasons why people were clamouring for change thinking that Buhari has the magic wand to reverse the decline in crude oil prices which will also lead to an improvement in the economic situation. As at now any measures to diversify the Nigerian economy and reduce its dependence on oil revenue will take a long time to materialise. It will take at least 8 to 10 years to effect the change so Nigerians should give Buhari government time take the necessary decisions. In the mean time everyone should practise prudence and know that even in the diaspora things are not that easy. I hope you understand our sister's point of view.

Nitty-Gritty said...

I perfectly understand you because we are on the same boat :D

When a machine has been faulty for a long time, and it eventually falls apart in the hands of the last person that uses it, the person will be blamed...'why you no manage am as others do and comot.'

I truly believe Nigeria will pull through this situation. Change begins with individuals. Nigerians have to change the way of their thinking and lifestyles. Corruption and entitlement mentality has to be at the barest minimum cannot be totally eradicted (I don't want to deceive myself).

Thank you for visiting and commenting.

@ilola said...

Yes o, priorities matter. Nigerians are already used to waste, so now it is biting hard. Everyone has no choice but to start readjusting.

Journey to Marriage: Scaling the hurdles

Nitty-Gritty said...

Yes o, by force by fire! Thanks Ailola.

J Ausserehl said...

Personally, I didn't understand Buhari coming back. There should be a law against old presidents getting back into aso Rock.
That aside, it's the same case with Obama. Ppl claiming he messed up the country when in reality it was messed up way before he got in. The Obamacare has been corrupted and is being misused. So no one is enjoying the full benefits it promised.
Me I cannot in all fairness say Nigerians should have patience or endure because that is what we have been doing since God knows when. Corruption is the easy way out in a country like Nigeria which is why it takes first place.
However, priorities are the essence of a bad economy. Why buy name brand when store brands are way cheaper? Why buy an outfit for more when you can get it for far less? Organic foods? Nah, that's for the trumps of the world. They claim to want to help people stay healthy yet they wonder why everyone runs to fast food stores.
I believe it's fairly easy to live a normal life and not be bothered about what close minded people think! Now, I'm off to check out the sales section of H&M. I be buying a pair of jeans for 6,99€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€