Monday, June 13, 2016


Good morning my blog readers, it's being 10 days since my last update and I am sorry. Not that I don't have things to talk about, I am either distracted or tired. I tried using my phone when on break, but the auto-correct is very annoying! Laptop remains the best to me. With the kids on summer holiday, my baby will not be climbing all over me now, so I will have time to update immediately my muse visits me.......hopefully.  

E---eHEN! You know there are some people who are ready to buy anything that has crossed the  7 seas to 9ja chei?  Infact, I know of 2 persons like that fa! I only watched in amusement, as long as it makes them sleep well at night, which one concern me! I remembered, I tried to advise one of them, her response was enough for me to mind my damn business! It serves me right o jare!  SO! She had a handle-free tooth brush she used to brush her baby's teeth which was brought from overseas, she would  insert her finger into it and brushed the teeth.

I was just strolling through different aisles as I shopped...last year, when my eyes fell on a handle-free tooth brush, as I moved away, I realized I was in the pet section....WAIT A MINUTE! I moon-walked back and took a closer look...nope, I did not take any picture because I had my 'pangolo' phone with me that time! OH MY GOODNESS! I whispered within me, 'I hope it is not what I think it is o!'On further inspection, I noticed it was different yet similar!These were bigger. I let out a sigh of relief! The thought that went through my head that few seconds ehen? Nah dog toothbrush dem send for pickin?  

This morning, I went shopping immediately I is plenty snacks must dey for house oo...when again, as I was browsing different sections to feed my eyes and save in my head items that are on sales, I came across clothes for dogs in the pet aisle. I paused and looked at it well, because I have seen similar clothes in infants! YEP! I took pictures this time, thanks to the 'better' phone I now have. 

 Apart from the middle dress that has a label, which of the remaining dress(es) is for a dog or baby?

The reason I am writing this post is because; You know, we don't have that habit of reading label on items we buy back home, we also have dubious people who are after quick profit, and some visitors to overseas make shopping mistakes, like I did, that  I bought tomatoes sauce instead of paste and salt without iodine. Some people might have bought items not meant for human use! The orishirishi things made for pets alone ehen? same for human beings! Is it candy? Abi cookies? Abi toys? Or diaper? Only, the labels and pictures on the items distinguishes them. But if the label attached to the item falls off nko?  Anyways, it is no news that much money is spent on pets than on humans by some just be careful of what you buy or take, because you hear it has crossed the sea. Please, I am not trying to pour san-sand in anybody's garri, just enlightening, since we all learn everyday. Thank you.

Next time, I will talk about Baby shower with 9ja flavour in yankee.