Friday, June 03, 2016


When watching American movies back home, I thought that calling an ambulance was free. HUMPH! I was totally wrong o! I came to know how it works after hurricane Sandy. I saw fire trucks, ambulance and police  all blaring their sirens down our street, stopped in front of our apartment, as I was wondering what was going on, I saw my neighbour's husband rolled out on the stretcher. A Nigerian friend who was in our apartment, said, 'the bill they will give this man later will be very high o.' 'Is it not free?' I asked. She gave me, are-you-serious-kind of look and laughed!  She then explained to me.

Why I am writing about this, is because last week, I met a Nigerian, while talking, she said, her in-law fell into labour, and told her to call an ambulance, because her husband was not around, she refused, rather she drove to the hospital in pains. After delivery, she asked, why? She replied that, if she had called an ambulance, fire truck and police will follow, and they will pay. She thought it was free also!

You see, there are some things we were  mis-informed about back home because of the movies we watched and the lies or exaggeration by some diasporas. I have told you guys before in this blog that medical ain't cheap! People will be paying huge medical debts for years to come! Insurance do not pay for some tests and treatments.

There is a joke about a woman who was having a stroke, her son wanted to call an ambulance, she used her last strength to tell him not to, or else she will be mad with him. The son drove her to the emergency ward. Imagine, she was in dire need of medical attention, yet, she was thinking about the bill! A Nigerian lady was involved in an accident, ambulance, police, and fire truck arrived at the scene. She declined the help of the ambulance, because she was not hurt, just badly shaken from the ordeal. Her husband later took her to the hospital for routine check up. A Nigerian guy was hit by another car, he came out unscathed, but the ambulance took him to the hospital. After examination he was discharged, he said he spent about an hour there. When the bill arrived, the guy could not believe his eyes! He called them immediately, and complained he didn't have the money. He was referred to a charity organization which paid most of it after assessing his income and he paid the balance installmentally. He said, if he had known, he would have declined the offer of the ambulance.

The ambulances are privately owned. I know 2 Nigerians doing the business. So, you have to pay for it out of your pocket for calling them! Nevertheless, there are some cases you MUST call an ambulance, regardless of the bill or not! Like my neighbour above who suffered a heart attack! 

HAPPY NEW MONTH every one.