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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I know I had a post planned for this week, but something else came up that needs to be addressed urgently. Listen! Diasporas have complained several times that dollars don't grow on trees, and the streets of America are not paved with gold, but these obviously gets ignored by some people who thinks that, they are the only ones that have expenses or problems or we are lying.

 A  man lost his job in Nigeria, his in-law helped him to process his relocation.They vacated a room for him while the kids slept in the parlour. For the 14 months he stayed with them, while working, he did not contribute a nickel to bills or groceries which was causing a grudge in the heart of the in-law. What broke the camel's back was when the in-law kids missed their school bus, they walked back home, and thought 'uncle' would drive them to school, he used the second car while their parents shared the other one, but he didn't because he said, he was nobody's help! This caused a quarrel between him and his in-laws and he moved out. Of course, he would have his own side of the story, but the bottom line is that, he was insensitive to the situation and has this Nigerian entitlement mentality, which is so annoying!

SEE! Diasporas have their own problems to shoulder on regardless if they earn 6 figures or not! The more you earn, the higher your tax and bills,The financial request is not just from one person but many, Imagine sending $100-$200 to 3-5 people from your paycheck....wetin go remain? Funny enough, my co-worker who is of a different race was complaining the same thing! I was like, 'so not only my Africa people? Imagine, lending money to a family friend when in 9ja, before he paid sef, na wahala, he eventually paid only half, and the balance was history! Only for him to call few days ago to say hi, next thing he was talking about a business venture...again as he did back home, then pinged today saying we should not forget him....AS IN SERIOUSLY DUDE? An extended relative has been calling me for the past few days, knowing his precedents since he grew up with us, I ignored! I don't want to start what I cannot finish! HABA! I picked calls of another relative whenever he called, so he called late one day, after I just rocked my baby to sleep, I told him to please call back, that I wanted to sleep. I pinged him when I woke up, he ignored me, that was how he became cold! ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME BROS? So to avoid history repeating itself, I rather keep to my lane.

Let me tell you guys something, many diasporas don't have savings! Just as people back home live from hand to mouth, so are many diasporas living from paycheck to paycheck. It takes a very prudent person to save a little by depriving oneself of certain things, and I personally find it annoying that if my parents and siblings don't disturb me at all, but are rather concerned about my well being, why will I give my hard earned dollar to distant relatives and friends who were managing their lives before I relocated huh? At the end of the day, some have better assets than us! At the end of the day, it is 'you are not good' when they cannot get what they want from you again! A casual friend of ours, have all his siblings overseas, so nobody asks anyone for anything, rather the demands were from his relatives, when he got tired he blocked them! It is the tax return that many use for projects back home. A diaspora said, his cousin made an off comment that he wished he was the one abroad, he would have done better for the entire family. He then asked him, if he expected him to leave his bills and send him his entire paycheck before he knew he was helping?

As this might sound so harsh, it is simply reacting to pressure! You just have to hear some diasporas rant and people back home will feel sorry and ashamed of themselves! No offense intended, I am just saying it as it is! And some diasporas are not helping issues by living a fake and credit life to impress families and friends at home. Houses here are beautiful, streets and roads well paved, swimming pools and recreational centers are everywhere, so posing in front of any to take pictures does not mean they have money rolling into their bank accounts. Growing big in size does not mean diasporas  have so much to eat that it is outpouring through their kitchen window and door, it is simply because most of the foods are food is more expensive than inorganic. Burger, pizza, chips and soda are cheaper than home-cooked meals. Infact, it is the poor that eat chicken mostly here, so forget all that display of food on social platform. And diasporas look 'frosh' because of the climate. Clothes are bought at great sales! I got a black pant/trouser for $1:00! And I am rocking it well...even some kids clothes for $3:00! When I put these clothes on, some will think it cost much! We do all these so as to be able pay all bills. We are just trying to keep our heads above waters, and some insensitive people are trying to drag us under...which ain't gonna happen to me!

Good morning to y''s past 7am...going back to off day. YAY!

Monday, June 13, 2016


Good morning my blog readers, it's being 10 days since my last update and I am sorry. Not that I don't have things to talk about, I am either distracted or tired. I tried using my phone when on break, but the auto-correct is very annoying! Laptop remains the best to me. With the kids on summer holiday, my baby will not be climbing all over me now, so I will have time to update immediately my muse visits me.......hopefully.  

E---eHEN! You know there are some people who are ready to buy anything that has crossed the  7 seas to 9ja chei?  Infact, I know of 2 persons like that fa! I only watched in amusement, as long as it makes them sleep well at night, which one concern me! I remembered, I tried to advise one of them, her response was enough for me to mind my damn business! It serves me right o jare!  SO! She had a handle-free tooth brush she used to brush her baby's teeth which was brought from overseas, she would  insert her finger into it and brushed the teeth.

I was just strolling through different aisles as I shopped...last year, when my eyes fell on a handle-free tooth brush, as I moved away, I realized I was in the pet section....WAIT A MINUTE! I moon-walked back and took a closer look...nope, I did not take any picture because I had my 'pangolo' phone with me that time! OH MY GOODNESS! I whispered within me, 'I hope it is not what I think it is o!'On further inspection, I noticed it was different yet similar!These were bigger. I let out a sigh of relief! The thought that went through my head that few seconds ehen? Nah dog toothbrush dem send for pickin?  

This morning, I went shopping immediately I is plenty snacks must dey for house oo...when again, as I was browsing different sections to feed my eyes and save in my head items that are on sales, I came across clothes for dogs in the pet aisle. I paused and looked at it well, because I have seen similar clothes in infants! YEP! I took pictures this time, thanks to the 'better' phone I now have. 

 Apart from the middle dress that has a label, which of the remaining dress(es) is for a dog or baby?

The reason I am writing this post is because; You know, we don't have that habit of reading label on items we buy back home, we also have dubious people who are after quick profit, and some visitors to overseas make shopping mistakes, like I did, that  I bought tomatoes sauce instead of paste and salt without iodine. Some people might have bought items not meant for human use! The orishirishi things made for pets alone ehen? same for human beings! Is it candy? Abi cookies? Abi toys? Or diaper? Only, the labels and pictures on the items distinguishes them. But if the label attached to the item falls off nko?  Anyways, it is no news that much money is spent on pets than on humans by some just be careful of what you buy or take, because you hear it has crossed the sea. Please, I am not trying to pour san-sand in anybody's garri, just enlightening, since we all learn everyday. Thank you.

Next time, I will talk about Baby shower with 9ja flavour in yankee.

Friday, June 03, 2016


When watching American movies back home, I thought that calling an ambulance was free. HUMPH! I was totally wrong o! I came to know how it works after hurricane Sandy. I saw fire trucks, ambulance and police  all blaring their sirens down our street, stopped in front of our apartment, as I was wondering what was going on, I saw my neighbour's husband rolled out on the stretcher. A Nigerian friend who was in our apartment, said, 'the bill they will give this man later will be very high o.' 'Is it not free?' I asked. She gave me, are-you-serious-kind of look and laughed!  She then explained to me.

Why I am writing about this, is because last week, I met a Nigerian, while talking, she said, her in-law fell into labour, and told her to call an ambulance, because her husband was not around, she refused, rather she drove to the hospital in pains. After delivery, she asked, why? She replied that, if she had called an ambulance, fire truck and police will follow, and they will pay. She thought it was free also!

You see, there are some things we were  mis-informed about back home because of the movies we watched and the lies or exaggeration by some diasporas. I have told you guys before in this blog that medical ain't cheap! People will be paying huge medical debts for years to come! Insurance do not pay for some tests and treatments.

There is a joke about a woman who was having a stroke, her son wanted to call an ambulance, she used her last strength to tell him not to, or else she will be mad with him. The son drove her to the emergency ward. Imagine, she was in dire need of medical attention, yet, she was thinking about the bill! A Nigerian lady was involved in an accident, ambulance, police, and fire truck arrived at the scene. She declined the help of the ambulance, because she was not hurt, just badly shaken from the ordeal. Her husband later took her to the hospital for routine check up. A Nigerian guy was hit by another car, he came out unscathed, but the ambulance took him to the hospital. After examination he was discharged, he said he spent about an hour there. When the bill arrived, the guy could not believe his eyes! He called them immediately, and complained he didn't have the money. He was referred to a charity organization which paid most of it after assessing his income and he paid the balance installmentally. He said, if he had known, he would have declined the offer of the ambulance.

The ambulances are privately owned. I know 2 Nigerians doing the business. So, you have to pay for it out of your pocket for calling them! Nevertheless, there are some cases you MUST call an ambulance, regardless of the bill or not! Like my neighbour above who suffered a heart attack! 

HAPPY NEW MONTH every one.