Sunday, May 01, 2016


What a title right? What is nitty gonna talk about a coffee maker, huh? Well, why don't you read along and find out sweetie? #smiles# Oh! By the way, have you read my thoughts on the trendy gist in the media of recent? If not, check by the left side column of my blog and you will see where I penned down my opinion. Since, I am always behind to talk about the reigning news, I decided to be writing it out as it happens,without putting up a new post. If you are using your mobile, you have to scroll down and click on the web version to see it. Gracias! Oh! Another thing, I am using my phone to post, please pardon any error you see, and on my break. Oh! There is more, I damaged my dear Mr Lappy, and hubby told me not to touch his, because if he counts the number of laptops he has bought for me, e reach to open shop! Ahahaha. Not my fault, truthfully speaking, I just saw it on the floor! #throwaway face go one corner# Kai! It takes time to use  phone ooo. No shakibg! At all! At all! Nah im bad! #shines teeth#

Alright! I was talking about.....wait o! Is today not workers' day in 9ja? HEY! MY PIPO, I HAIL UNAH OOO! HAPPY WORKERS! DAY! GOD almighty will continue to strengthen y'all and put yanful, yanful money for unah  pocket. Make unah say a resounding AMIN!  EHEN! E-hen, as I was talking, there is a coffee maker in the break room. Management wants everybody to dey sharp for work, so they supply us with plenty coffee, creamer and sugar to make us chirpy and alert like an owl at night! #grinning# And e dey work well! Me that don't drink coffee before, now, I don join the association of coffee drinkers by force by fire! The before and after effect is as clear and different like 7up! 

So! The old coffee maker broke down! Management got this new digital one thst many of us could not operate at first because, you have to set the temperature and time right to keep it hot. And the coffee pours out like that of water dispenser.  Unlike the former one, which has 2 hot plates and pots on it, that it is always hot, unless switched off. From one filter, we can get 2 pots of coffee! And it is very fast to prepare, unlike the new type, that takes longer! Hence, we were not drinking much like before, how did I know? Because the trash bin was virtually empty, unlike before that there will be an overflow if the housekeeper didn't remove the trash on time! Management observed this and changed it after 4 days of buying it! # Maybe employees were grouchy or cranky or sleepy at their jobs!# ahaha. They now bought another one similar to the old model. But this has only one pot! Fair enough! Drinking galore resumed, but still not like before, because nobody wants to waste precious minutes from their break making a pot of coffee that others will line up for before the pot fulls! Now, I drink only a cup a day, instead of the 3 I drank ofen.

OOPS! Break over! Later my guys.  
Ok! I am back home. Lemme, complete this post before I breakfast and bath.

As, I processed this observation in my head, I realized these coffee makers can be subsituted for humans! Men that  abandon or leave or divorce their first wives always give the same excuses! She is old! She is not tush! She does not befit my new status! She is old-fashioned! She is not sexy! She does not satisfy me sexually! Blah, blah,blah and the list goes on and on!  They now marry the sexy, classy, sassy, and beautiful, woman of their dreams, abi choice, only to find out, she is not all, that she seems! That, the old stainless, rugged coffee maker was the real deal, unlike the plastic  pretty type! 

Until the 'other woman' wanting to dispose the lady of the Manor realizes that there is nothing special about her p****,  unless she squirts pure liquefied gold  or diamonds, she is living in eldorado! Listen! What is between your legs is not different from what is found in plastic life-size sex dolls! (which is in high demand now, because men that buys them says they sure of their faithfulness, medical status, and no emotional drama! ) Also, until men realized that the strength of one woman is the weakness of another, they will continue chasing shadows!

Marriage takes sacrifices, compromises and hard work to keep it going! Oh! You think i will mention love abi? I hear! Let us define Love: Love does not hurt. It is not boastful! It is forgiving. It is patient. It is kind. It is not selfish. It is not proud. It does not get easily angry. It is not jealous. And it does not keep record of wrongs! (1 cor.13.:4-7). Can we say there is love in marriages or lust?