Thursday, May 26, 2016


I have been off for 2 days, going to work this night and while resting after taking my Tylenol as usual and preparing my clothes for tonight, I realized I have not regaled your guys with gist from my place of work. You know, where 2 or 3 humans are gathered, there will always be politics, controversy and drama.Some might wonder, why I am always talking about my work, since I managed to get a job? Well, for the simple reason that I don't want the over-sabi working women that used to cuss me out,  not to forget, and to let them know being a SAHM is not laziness or docility!

 My male cousin was asking me 3 days ago in our group chat why women are their worst enemy? This is because, his wife is always yabbed by some women, since, she does not work. I told him how a fellow woman called housewives maggots waiting for their husbands to buy pads for them. He was so shocked! Hey, to the anonymous that wrote that, my hubby still buys my pad and panties! You can go and hit your head on the transformer, if it pains you that much! You can go anonymous to cuss SAHM again ... you go tire! If your hubby is not buying it for you, he is doing it for his side chics, be forming ms independent, while he is spending his money on his mistress while you foot most bills at home! 

The 'unexpected' you guys always talk about, I wonder if it cannot happen to you also .... abi people don't lose their jobs and businesses collapses everyday? Are you GOD huh? Or do you know the wife's family background ehen? Always drinking panadol for other people's headache! And to you housewives that will not live within your means and be beggy, beggy everywhere, stop disgracing yourselves! You know what your husband can afford, manage with it and siddon in your house! If it is garri or aje tutu {iced fish} you can afford to eat, do so quietly in your house! If you cannot afford diaper, use cloth nappy! If you cannot afford designer wears, made proudly  in Aba is there! You know you did not marry a 'Dangote or Danjuma', yet you want to frustrate the poor man with your demands! Respect yaselves! OK!  #Ranting over!# Jeez! It has taken half of the post already, and this was not my original post o,  and I did not paragraph it sef! I just wanted to get it off my sleeve ....

NOW! Back to the original gist at hand.  My first week at work, I greeted everyone I saw immediately I came in. On the second day, a male co-worker who welcomed me warmly on the first day, suddenly grew cold, I thought it was bipolar thing. I noticed a particular lady always shy to reply, and avoiding my greetings by forming busy immediately she sees me come in, or avoid eyes contact. When I was gisting a fellow Nigerian what was up, she told me, I should stop, because they think I am 'interested' in them! EX-SQUEEZEEE ME? {In mindy's voice} She laughed and said, welcome to the working environment. Then I must be interested in the others that reply my greetings warmly and even call out to me if I don't see them. Well, I stopped greeting those 2,and few others that gave me the blank stares, like; 'I beg you to greet me?' WAHALA DEY! Everything in this world now have sexual undertone! There is a lesbian couple in my place of work. Initially, I thought, they were sisters because they ate and went home together. I watched them with curiosity, until I saw the 'man' in the relationship looking at her with soft eyes and always protective. Her dressing and walk gave her away too.

Lemme stop here for today, I will continue to yarn you guys small small. I have to sleep now, I have 6 hours to go. Thanks for reading always.