Thursday, May 19, 2016


Why do people think, until you sleep with someone that is when you have cheated? The flirting, sexting, spendings and hanging out, is what? As long as your thoughts are about someone else than your spouse, it is cheating!

I was chatting with a relative back home on the phone and of course we talked about Lekan, and she told me about a neighbour (I know him well!) who was suspected of having an affair with a divorcee with 6 children! His wife raised alarm about 2 weeks ago when she traced him down, after not sleeping at home one night. The man of course denied it! She munched their chats as proof, {snooping is good abeg!} His defensive was that, he was yet to sleep with her, so, technically, he has not cheated! My relative said, the sweet words from the munched chats showed people that are in love! Her ex husband was a divorced man before she married him, (so, e don dey for her body be that!) and nope, DV is not the crime here, rather the man got fed up with her and left the house and later remarried. 

SERIOUSLY?  Emotional cheating is even the worst in my own opinion. It has to do with the heart! It is from the abundance of a man's heart that he speaketh! The cheating men sometimes claim having sex outside marriage is just a physical thing without any shred of emotion attached! I always disagree with that school of tort because, unless that is her 'job' you don't need to woo her , since her motto is 'money for hand, back for ground', shikenah! But if it is not her 'line of profession' you have to 'toast' her to accept,so sharing endearments is cheating! The heart is more fragile than the body. It hurts more than the body. If a wife dare tries what some men do and is discovered, the husband will call the whole village on her head and won't mind if she is stoned to death in the town square! 

Cheating is cheating abeg! Be it with your heart (emotional) or body(physical)! Many times, it starts with the heart and ends with the body!
Happy weekend to y'all!