Tuesday, April 12, 2016


'Go and sleep!' That was  what hubby told me as he drove away this morning with our baby at the back of the car to his office's day care. Did I sleep? FOR WHERE! I really wanted to, but as I picked a toy from the floor,  my tiredness disappeared and I tidied the house, took my bath, lied down, ... sleep disappeared FIAM! ! 11.09am, tossing around, so, I opened my lappy.

You see, hubby asked a female co-worker how she doess.rrrr (those were the  letter-keys I pressed when I fell asleep!..ahahha).  My guys, I can't believe I fell asleep while typing OO ....  eventually woke up past 7, when hubby came back from work with our baby. I didn't even know when my kids let themselves in with their key sef! I only heard their voices in my sleep when they came into my bedroom to greet me. I was fagged out! So glad it's my 2 days off, I will go back to sleep when the eba and vegetable I just ate settles down. Nope! I didn't cook. My daughter made the eba while hubby bought different soups from African store ... I am becoming lazy at cooking. #covers face#


As I was saying before I slept o jare, hubby was trying to find a solution to our day care issue, (so I can stop night work, he does not like it, but has to accept it..for now) and asked a colleague how she does it? That was when she told him she uses the company's day care on one of the floor's to help reduce the cost. The company is aware of the challenges parents face, and affiliated with a day care to help their employees. It is $60/day, the company pays $40, while the balance $20 is deducted from the employee's pay. WOW! Just wonderful! I was excited, but there is a employee can only use the opportunity for 20x in a year and 4 weeks in summer. No problemo! Half bread is better than none, at all, at all, nah im bad. Hubby takes him there twice a week. If an employee decides to be using the facility after the number of days expires, s/he has to pay the $60/day, which will be $300/week, and $1,200/month = House rent!

My pipo! Night work has it's side effects. You know me, I say it as it is. I am not a wonder-woman with extra-ordinary power. Some things suffer at home when women work! I have been at both sides and I tell you that, it ain't the same! I don't do some things my blog..I don't update often..imagine just 2 posts in March? I don't blog -walk as before! My house is not as tidy as it used to be! Our love-making-life is dwindling! The  special bonding with my kids is reducing. For a woman to balance her career and family, there MUST be a good support system, from either her parents, relatives, maids or neighbours, until all her kids are old enough to take care of themselves and be left alone. Was it not few weeks back my relative got home by 12A.M because of traffic palava? Her maid was so worried, while her kids were asleep. And by 5.00a.m, she was out of her home again so she can be at V.I by 8!

Alright, daz all. Don't wanna talk too much. Thanks.