Thursday, April 21, 2016


'Remove the home-maker from your profile, now that you are working' someone told me recently. It made me remember an anonymous comment in my old blog, where I was advised to remove 'house-wife' from my blog name, since I got a job then. I don't know if you guys remember? Guess not? Well, you know what they say about we Capricorns huh? We don't forget so easily, especially shades, sarcasm and insults! ahahaaa...whoever came up with that joke, is not serious jor! But we do forgive, always, before you say sorry...not forget. OK, DOKEY! That is enough of that! So, as I was saying,  I said thank-you, but refused to adhered to the suggestion, because, I am still a home-maker, regardless of my 5 nights of work. My home comes first  because, family is everything!

Well, that is not what I really want to talk about today. It just came into my mind as I opened my laptop by 5.50am this morning, to update. It is about the Church! Hmmm, I can hear the hesitation as they read, because I know anything that's got to do with Christianity, some quietly walk away, but if we all continue to play the ostrich and do-not-touch-my-annointed-attitude, I DON'T THINK, WE WILL ALL BE ENJOYING THE FREEDOM OF WORSHIP IN DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS TODAY! History told us how King James rebelled against the Catholic church and we have the church of England,  and everybody  have access to the bible, hence, the King James version of the bible is still one of the best sellers today and seen as authentic than the other versions. Then, the protestants (Anglican), Methodists, Baptists, and Pentecostals came forth...and more still coming!

I am a Pentecostal while my mum is an Anglican. That is how we now identify ourselves in the body of Christ. No longer we are Christians when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, like marriage. Hence, church has now become a franchise, like an organization! Because, Nigerians are known to identify themselves with certain brands or cliches,  so people who wants to open a church, will affiliate themselves with a popular church, to use their name and be paying monthly, as it is done in any other business! 

YES! It was a complete SHOCK to me, when a pastor of a church having the same name with the most popular church in Nigeria, said he could no longer continue paying the heavy dues imposed on him by the 'mother-church', so he is changing the name of his church! And all along, I thought, it was a branch of the mother's-church! People in the know-how were surprised at my reaction, because they thought it was an open-secret! I DID NOT KNOW OOO!

Why is he not able to pay? (He has to remit in dollars, not Naira! I have said it here before that Christianity in obodo oyibo is different from that in 9ja!) Because people will first sort out all their bills before being a cheerful giver or sowing seeds in faith or giving their first fruits to the church! Tithe? To each his own. One thing for sure is that, you cannot deceive them that it is for prosperity, quoting the famous Malachi verse! They know the church needs money to pay bills, like the pastor in the former church I attended, he clearly said it takes money to keep the church warm during winter and cool during summer, and where will the money come from, if not from the tithes and offering? This is simple logic reasoning, and not the brimstone and hell-fire preached in Nigeria churches to force people to give and enrich the church...oh! Did I ever tell you guys that my elder brother is a pastor? Likewise my first cousin? ahahaa.

Have a blessed weekend. About taking the kids to school, let hubby sleep today.