Friday, April 01, 2016


I will read about many pranks being played out by individuals on people until past noon today. Many will be called fools...albeit jokingly, but some pranks can go wrong, because not everybody have the same sense of humour and some people might be in a foul mood. It reminds me of  a story I read in a newspaper years ago, about a wife who refused to prepare breakfast for her husband that returned from his night shift. He eventually prepared it and went to have his bath. She ate it! He did not find it funny and expressed his feelings with several punches on her, it was neighbours that saved her! So people, be careful about how you make others look foolish all in the name of having fun! 

The scripture says we should not call anyone a fool, for we will be in danger of the fire of hell. (Matthew 5:22). Is there anyone on this earth who has not called anybody a fool, out of anger or joke? I have if you have not. SIGH! And today is APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Many souls are in danger already! LORD have mercy! The little things we take for granted. Can anyone explain this verse better for understanding? 

Sometimes, an individual can act like a fool for the sake of peace, which is by choice, but it is often taken advantage of by the I-am-smart-kind-of-people! I once said here how a guy called his friend a fool for helping him to and fro, from work, because, such is not done in yankee unless there is a financial agreement between both parties or alternated between both parties to save gas and relieve stress.

 I made a honest mistake of informing a relative about fb birthday notification error. She did not reply, instead, I was no longer in her contact! Abi, make I no pour san-sand inside her garri! Okay o! No problemo! Like uche, I  faced my front. Only for her to add me back last week, and as they say, the best defense is attack, she accused me of forgetting her. Like seriously?  She that unfriended me since 2014? I played along, because I know say, frog no dey jump out for daylight for nothing! And was I disappointed? N-A-Y! Since 2 days ago until this moment, she is asking me to push her something because she dey roast! HA! Because she don see mugu of the year BA? Or because I don't have problems of my own abi? Me, that cannot afford daycare for my son from my pay? Me that sleeps only 2 nights on my matrimonial bed? Then, I should send you my hard-earned $$$ after disrespecting me? This is the  best April fool's prank to me! I am a fool...NOT!

Daz all! Happy new month to y'all! YE-HAWW!